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The Hollywood Musical, 1970-2002 (MLA)
New York, December 2002

The Hollywood Musical, 1970 - 2002
(MLA, December 2002)

Critics have long conjectured about the death of the American Musical
Film; however, with each generation, the musical undergoes a new
transformation. I am interested in papers that explore these re-inventions
of the genre, including:

	*	Post-modern pastiche (Moulin Rouge, Everyone Say I Love
	*	Self-reflexive exploration (Rocky Horror Picture Show) 
	*	Performative experimentation (Nashville, Hedwig and the
		Angry Inch)
	*	Innovative bio-pic (Coal Miner's Daughter, What's Love Got
		to Do With It?)
	*	Commentative soundtrack (American Graffiti; Goodfellas).  

Abstracts by 15 March.  Send to: Scott F. Stoddart, Director for the
Center for Academic Development, Marymount Manhattan College, 221 E. 71st
Street, New York, NY 10021, USA or to  Inquiries: 
+1-(212) 774-4821.