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Muzio Clementi: The Musical Cosmopolitan
Rome, December 2002

Muzio Clementi:  The Musical Cosmopolitan

International Conference to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth

Austrian Historical Institute 
and the Music Department of the German Historical Institute, Rome

4-6 December 2002

Organizing committee: Richard Bösel, Markus Engelhardt, Roberto Illiano, Luca Sala
and Massimiliano Sala

Muzio Clementi (b. Rome, 1752; d. Evesham, 1832) left an indelible musical legacy
during the 80 years of his life for students of 18th- and 19th-century music. For
a long time his symphonies found favourable comparison with those of Haydn, and
even Beethoven preferred his piano trios to those of Mozart. Later, however,
Clementi came to be known primarily as 'the father of the pianoforte', a pioneer
of modern piano technique and keyboard pedagogy.

The Austrian Historical Institute, in collaboration with the music history
department of the German Historical Institute in Rome, the Scientific Committee of
the Opera Omnia of Muzio Clementi, and the Da Ponte Institut für Librettologie,
Don Juan Forschung und Sammlungsgeschichte, Vienna, have organized an
international symposium to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of the
composer. The conference will bring together the leading scholars on Clementi in
Rome, the city of his birth, to celebrate both the man and his works. The event is
intended to be the first part of a larger initiative which will continue into
2003, exploring various artistic and social aspects of the 'fortepiano culture in
Europe'. It will shed light above all on the European dimension of cultural
exchange brought about by travelling musicians and international publishing, as
well as in the commercial world of keyboard sale and manufacture.

The Clementi conference, which will take place between the 4th and 6th of
December, will mark the bringing together of a series of publications and projects
designed to fill a gap in the literature on the composer and his milieu. This
includes the publication (by Ut Orpheus Editions of Bologna) of the Opera omnia,
and a recent volume, Muzio Clementi: Studies and Prospects (edited by Roberto
Illiano, Luca Sala and Massimiliano Sala, with an introduction by Leon Plantinga).
Also Anselm Gerhard's book, London und der Klassizismus in der Musik (Metzler,
Stoccarda, 2002) will be presented. Ut Orpheus editions also announce the launch
of an international journal devoted to Clementi studies, and the compilation of a
new thematic catalogue of the works of Clementi.

The conference, which will comprise four main sessions (Muzio Clementi on the
250th anniversary of his birth; Clementi: a Roman in London; The Other Clementi;
Clementi and the "Wiener Klassik") will take place over two days at the Austrian
Historical Institute (5 and 6 December). Preceding this there will be an
exhibition of the new publications mentioned above in the German Historical
Institute in Rome (4 December). The exhibition will serve as a preview for a
concert dedicated to the rarely heard chamber music of Clementi, performed on
period instruments, including a Clementi fortepiano of c.1820. The conference
proceedings will be published in 2003 by Ut Orpheus Edizioni.


Istituto Storico Austriaco at the Forum Austriaco di Cultura
Istituto Storico Germanico, Department of Music History
in collaboration with
Scientific Committee of the Muzio Clementi Opera omnia
and Da Ponte Institut für Librettologie, Don Juan Forschung und
Sammlungsgeschichte, Vienna

"Muzio Clementi. Cosmopolita della Musica"
International Conference to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth
Rome, 4-6 December 2002

Wednesday, 4 December
Istituto Storico Germanico in Rome:

Books presentation:

London und der Klassizismus in der Musik. Die Idee der 'absoluten Musik' und Muzio
Clementis Klavierwerk, von Anselm Gerhard (Stuttgart-Weimar, Metzler, 2002);
Muzio Clementi. Studies and Prospects, edited by Roberto Illiano, Luca Sala and
Massimiliano Sala (Bologna, Ut Orpheus, 2002).
Speakers: Pierluigi Petrobelli (University of La Sapienza, Rome) and Giancarlo
Rostirolla (University of Chieti)

Thursday, 5 December
Istituto Storico Austriaco:

M. Clementi nel 250° anniversario della nascita

Apertura dei lavori e saluti del Direttore dell'Istituto Storico Austriaco a Roma,
Richard Bösel

Chairman: Federico Celestini
Roberto De Caro (Bologna): Muzio Clementi. Opera omnia e Quaderni Clementiani. Il
progetto delle Ut Orpheus Edizioni
Leon Plantinga (New Haven): Muzio Clementi, a Musician of Two Centuries
Roberto Illiano (Cremona): Proposte per una revisione del catalogo tematico

Clementi: un romano a Londra

Chairman: Bianca Maria Antolini
Alberto Iesuè (Rome): Clementi, Carpani e Beckford: da Roma a Londra
David Rowland (Cambridge): Clementi and the 1790s: New Documents
Anselm Gerhard (Bern): La fusione delle tradizioni nazionali. Clementi e il suo
opus ultimum (La Didone abbandonata)


Concert: The Flute Trios by Muzio Clementi

Three Sonatas for Pianoforte or Harpsichord with accompanyment of Flute and Cello
Op. 21 and 22

Sonata Op. 21 no. 1 in D
Allegro di molto - Allegretto innocente - Finale. Vivace assai
Sonata Op. 21 no. 2 in G
Allegro con brio - Allegretto grazioso - Rondo. Allegro
Sonata Op. 21 no. 3 in C
Allegro - Rondeau - Allegro spiritoso
Sonata Op. 22 no. 1 in D
Spiritoso - Arietta con variazioni. Allegretto
Sonata Op. 22 no. 2 in G
Allegro con spirito - Grazioso espressivo - Un poco allegro
Sonata Op. 22 no. 3 in C
Largo - Allegro

Laura Pontecorvo, flute
Andrea Fossà, cello
Andrea Coen, fortepiano
(Square Piano Clementi, London 1820)

Friday, 6  December
Istituto Storico Austriaco:

L'altro Clementi

Chairman: Ala Botti Caselli
Eva Badura-Skoda (Vienna): On Muzio Clementi's Personality
Andrea Coen (Rome): Le fonti della Practical Harmony di Muzio Clementi: primi
riscontri e acquisizioni
Dorothy de Val (Toronto): Musica domestica: Clementi's Chamber Music
Massimiliano Sala (Cremona): L'altra immagine di Clementi: per una diffusione
delle sue opere orchestrali

Clementi e la «Wiener Klassik»

Chairman: Anselm Gerhard

Otto Biba (Vienna): Clementi's Viennese Sonatas
Federico Celestini (Graz): Joseph Haydn e Muzio Clementi: le tracce musicali di un
Luca Sala (Krakow): Il modello clementiano in Beethoven
Costantino Mastroprimiano (Rome): Clementi trascrittore di sinfonie

Conference Organiser:
Richard Bösel
Markus Engelhardt
Roberto Illiano
Luca Sala
Massimiliano Sala

For further information, please contact:
Dr Massimiliano Sala:
Prof. Richard Bösel
Istituto Storico Austriaco
presso il Forum Austriaco di Cultura
viale Bruno Buozzi 113 I-00197 Roma
003906 - 36 08 26 01