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The State of the Song
London, December 2002

The State of the Song
a one day conference 

monday 2nd december, 9:00 am -- 5:30 pm

Trinity College of Music, London

moderator: Dr Linda Hirst (Head of Vocal Studies, TCM)


-Prof David Osmond-Smith (University of Sussex):

"Vocal acts and semantic fragments: the contribution of the avant-garde"
'(--) on the word/music borderline in the avant-garde tradition, the exploitation
of partial verbal comprehensibility within vocal performance'

-Dr Dai Griffiths (Oxford Brookes University):

"The State of the Popular Song"
'(--) what I'll argue is that when we talk about popular song we are now talking
about song, period, with all sorts of consequences.'

-Prof Allan Moore (University of Surrey):

"The disappearance of the song from popular culture"
'(on) the change that has taken place in one key area of popular culture over the
past four decades in relation to the visibility of 'song'. (--)  two causes for
this decline, one generally social, the other more directly technological.'

-Dr Nicola Dibben (University of Sheffield):

"Subject Position"
'(on) the idea of "subject position" (how a song can encourage the listener to
take up a particular position as to its subject matter) and use the case study of
songs by Icelandic pop singer-songwriter Bjork.'

-Frances M Lynch:

"Contemporary Song: a lecture recital"
including a performance of Daryl Runswick's new work around Tracey Emin.


9:00 -- 9:30
Peacock Room, Trinity College of Music

9:30 -- 10:15
Prof David Osmond-Smith
Vocal acts and semantic fragments: the contribution of the avant-garde
10:15 -- 10:30

10:30 -- 11:15
Dr Dai Griffiths
The State of the Popular Song
11:15 -- 11:30

11:30 -- 12:00

12:00 -- 12:45
Prof Allan Moore
The disappearance of the song from popular culture
12:45 -- 13:00

13:00 -- 14:00

14:00 -- 14:45
Frances M Lynch
Contemporary Song: a lecture recital
14:45 -- 15:00

15:00 -- 15:45
Dr Nicola Dibben
Subject Position
15:45 -- 16:00

16:00 -- 16:30

17:00 -- 18:00
Plenary Session (all speakers) chaired by Moderator


The State of the Song:

monday 2nd december  

9:00 -- 17:00

Trinity College of Music (Peacock Room) 

King Charles Court, Old Royal Naval College
Greenwich, London SE10 9JF, UK

ticket prices
40, 20   concessions

price includes lunch and morning and afternoon

places severely limited, please book early

download booking form:

for more information contact:

reynaldo young
133 jerningham road
London SE14 5NJ, UK
tel: +44-(0)20 7635 0542