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Prokofiev and Twentieth-Century Culture
Manchester, UK, February 2003

'Prokofiev and 20th-Century Culture'
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (7 February - 10 February 2003)

An international conference dedicated to Serge Prokofiev, 'Prokofiev and
20th-Century Culture' is to take place in Manchester in February 2003 to mark the
half-centenary of the composer's death. Through the interaction of the disciplines
of music, dance, theatre, film and literature, this conference will investigate
Prokofiev's contribution to, and significance for, 20th-century art and culture.  
It will focus on Prokofiev's life and work within two contrasted and conflicting
environments - Russian émigré circles in Paris and Soviet Russia. The conference
and Symposium Weekend will open with a keynote address by Sir Peter Ustinov.

The conference forms a focal point of the 'Manchester Prokofiev 2003 Festival' (31
January - 10 February) which aims to contextualise the critical and scholarly
discussion of Prokofiev with a series of public events and concerts.  Performers
include the BBC Philharmonic, the Hallé, the Manchester Camerata and the Symphony
Orchestra and Singers and other ensembles from the RNCM.  Manchester 2003 will see
the concert premières of a number of works recently brought to light by the Serge
Prokofiev Archive, including the long lost ballet 'Trapèze'.  Public events
include illustrated talks and an open discussion chaired by Noëlle Mann, with Sir
Edward Downes, David Fanning, Edward Gregson, Gerard McBurney, David Nice and
Harlow Robinson among the contributors.


Sessions and Speakers
[All papers will be delivered in English]


8.50am - introduction by Noëlle Mann

Session 1: Text and Music (Chair: Noëlle Mann)

9am - Caryl Emerson: "Prokofiev's War and Peace: A Tolstoyan perspective."
9.30am - Béatrice Picon-Vallin: "Prokofiev and Meyerhold."
10am - John Elsworth: "Prokofiev and Briusov: the libretto of The Fiery 


Session 2: Ballet - music and staging (Chair: Simon Morrison)

11am - Stephen Press: "Comparing the two versions of Prokofiev's ballet 
Chout (The Buffoon)."
11.30am - Lesley-Anne Sayers: "Visualising Prokofiev's Pas d'Acier: the 
interaction of music and staging in productions of Prokofiev's 'Soviet' 
12.00 - Igor Vishnevetsky: "What happened backstage at the premiere 
performance of Le Pas d'Acier."


Session 3: Music in the Soviet State (Chair: Caryl Emerson)

2pm - Catriona Kelly: "At peace with the wolf? Prokofiev's Soviet works for 
2.30pm - Andreas Wehrmeyer: "Prokofiev's cantatas for the 20th and 30th 
anniversaries of the October Revolution."
3pm - Irina Medvedeva: "Sergei Prokofiev: the 'Black Summer' of 1939."


Session 4: The private man (Chair: Andreas Wehrmeyer)

4pm - Per Skans: "Mira Mendelson, Nataliya Vovsi-Mikhoels and Klara Vaks. 
The Jewish connection and its implications for three composers in the late 
Stalinist era."
4.30pm - Marina Rakhmanova: "Prokofiev's last years in the recollections of 
two women."
5pm - Natalia Savkina: "Prokofiev and the Christian Science."


Session 5: Opera (Chair: Noëlle Mann)

9am - Dorothea Redepenning: "The year 1948: Serge Prokofiev and the opera 
Story of a Real Man."
9.30am - Giuseppe Montemagno: "Beyond the Grille: Prokofiev and the theatre 
of the convent."
10am - Walter Zidaric: "Love for Three Oranges: between tradition and 


Session 6: Music and Literature (Chair: John Elsworth)

11am - Gérard Abensour & Ludmilla Petchenina: "From Antony to Cleopatra: 
Prokofiev's music for the stage."
11.30am - Dimitri Shapovalov: "Prokofiev and Balmont: lyricism, symbolism, 
and the rejection of irony."
12.00 - Pamela Davidson: "Prokofiev's literary notebook of 1916-1917: 
contents and context."


Session 7: Film music (Chair: Catriona Kelly)

2pm - John Riley: "Alexander Nevsky: from screen to stage."
2.30pm - Inna Romashchuk: "Prokofiev and Popov: a collaborative approach to 
the problem of scenic imagery."

Session 8: Prokofiev and Associates (Chair: Rosamund Bartlett)

3pm - Victor Varunts: "Prokofiev and Stravinsky."
3.30pm - Nelly Kravetz: "Prokofiev and Sherman."


Sessions 9 & 10 in parallel

Session 9: Russian émigration in Paris (Chair: Stuart Campbell)

4.30pm - Lev Mnukhin: "Artistic communities and musical life in Russian 
Paris of 1920-1930."
5pm - Elena Poldiaeva: "Prokofiev and the Russian émigré music circles in 
1920s Paris."

Session 10: Prokofiev's music on stage (Chair: David Fanning)

4.30pm - Maria Shcherbakova: "Prokofiev at the Ziloti concerts: from the 
history of symphonic concerts at the MariinskyTheatre, 1915-1916."
5pm - Rosamund Bartlett: "Soviet stagings of Prokofiev's operas."


Session 11: Prokofiev's musical language (Chair: David Fanning)

9am - Yuri Kholopov: "Why did Prokofiev write the Classical Symphony?"
9.30am - Daniel Zimmerman: "French 'Asian' music and Prokofiev's Five 
Melodies, Op. 35 No. 2."
10am - Stephen Zank: "Prokofiev in Paris: was he right about Maurice Ravel?"


11am - Stuart Campbell: "Prokofiev and the Gavotte."
11.30am - Philip Ross Bullock: "The songs of Sergey Prokofiev: texts and 

For the conference programme, conditions and registration, full information about
the Festival and Symposium Weekend, please go to or contact the Festival Director, Mrs
Noëlle Mann.

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