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(Medieval) Perceptions of the Past / Visions of the Future
Toronto, February 2003

Call for Papers

Perceptions of the Past / Visions of the Future
An Interdisciplinary Conference

February 22, 2003

Nearly all world cultures view the present in relation to concepts of past and
future. Origins and end-times book-end the present or provide vanishing points for
perspectives on the past and future.  Proposed papers should explore aspects of
how medieval cultures related their present to the past or the future.  
Discussions of literary settings and historical studies are a natural starting
point for inquiry into this topic, but studies could explore a broad range of ways
in which medieval women and men depicted or commemorated past events, or presented
visions of the future in the medieval present.  Technologies of time-keeping,
calendars, genealogy, and the social and legal implications of past and future
time are among many topics which may be investigated.

Deadline for abstracts (1 page maximum):  September 16, 2002

Abstracts may be submitted by e-mail, fax or post.  Please address them to the
attention of the 2003 CMS Conference Committee.

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