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20th Annual Meeting, South Central Society for Music Theory
Tuscaloosa, AL, February 2003


20th Annual Meeting
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Friday, February 21, 2003

9:00-9:10 Opening remarks

9:10-10:30, Paper Session 1

Norman Carey (Eastman School of Music): Cascading Diminished Sevenths in
Bach, Chopin, and Jobim

Stephen Peles (University of Alabama): Infertile Intervals and Criminal
Cats: Aspects of the Scientific Context of Schenker's Biology

10:40-12:00, Paper Session 2

Aaminah Durrani (Louisiana State University): Ritornello Sections in the
Fourth Movement of Alfred Schnittke's String Quartet No. 4: Texture as a
Compositional Resource

Philip Stoecker (CUNY Graduate Center): Cyclic Wedges and Convergence

12:00-2:00, Lunch

2:00-4:00, Paper Session 3

Rebecca Jemian (Ithaca College): Levels of Form: Folding the Small into
the Large

Irna Priore (North Carolina School of the Arts): Paradigmatic Structures:
A Comparison of Beethoven Piano Sonatas op. 101 and 109 (first movements)
through the "Continuous 5\^"

Evan Jones (Florida State University): Pervasive Fluency: A Contrapuntal
Model of the "Effect of Being Passing" in Tonal Music

4:10-5:30, Paper Session 4

Shelia Forrester (Mississippi State University): Substitute Neumes and
Transposed Mirrors: Stalking the Melodic Motive in Hildegard's Ave Maria

Leon W. Couch III (Texas A&M University): Fugue as Musical-Rhetorical
Proof in the North German Toccata

Saturday, Febraury 22

9:00-11:00, Paper Session 5

Patrick Tuck (Louisiana State University): What's So Funny? A Study of
Irony in Three Comic Songs by Hugo Wolf

Joe Brumbeloe and Martin Steffen (University of Southern Mississippi): Two
Views of Chromaticism and the Dominant

Jeffrey Perry (Louisiana State University): Monody as Motive: The
Unaccompanied Schubert

11:15-12:00 Business Meeting

Further information, including local arrangements, may be found on the
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