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Meter in Early Modern Europe, Renaissance Society of America
Toronto, March 2003

Meter in Early Modern Europe
Renaissance Society of America, Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario
28-30 March 2003

Proposals are invited for a panel on meter in early modern Europe (c.
1500-1700).  Novel theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches as well as
papers that treat non-English meters are especially encouraged.  Topics
might include, but are not limited to:

-- the politics of prosody manuals
-- intersections of meter and music (the music of the spheres, folk music,
-- metrical rhythm and the passions
-- the influence of classical metrics on early modern prosodies
-- metrical forms and their generic associations
-- reconsidering the traditional divide between prose and verse

Proposals, including a one-page CV, should be submitted electronically to
Joseph Tate, English, University of Washington at 
by 15 April 2002.

Those whose proposals are accepted are required to be members of The
Renaissance Society of America at the time of registration for the Toronto
conference (August 15, 2002).

joseph tate
university of washington
department of english
comparative history of ideas program
box 354330
seattle, washington, 98195-4330, usa