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Music Theory South East Annual Meeting
Davidson, NC, March 2003

The 2003 Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory South East will be held at
Davidson College in Davidson, NC on March 14-15. Details of the program as well as
local arrangements information may be found on the MTSE homepage:

A printable registration form may be obtained via e-mail from Mark Parker
(, MTSE Secretary. Specific questions concerning local
arrangements not already covered on the MTSE homepage should be addressed to Mauro
Botelho (, local arrangements coordinator.


SESSION I (Fri Mar 14, 2-5 pm)

1. Nancy Rogers (FSU), "Some Correlations between Solfege Expertise and Pitch
2. Juan Chattah (FSU), "Understanding and Defying Film Music Conventions: A New
	Model for Analysis."

- break -

3. Catherine Losada (CUNY), "Chromatic Saturation and the Significant Gap as
	Unifying Devices in Berio's Sinfonia."
4. Roxane Prevost (SUNY Buffalo), "Metrical Ambiguities in Ursula Mamlok's 'Panta
	Rhei' (1981)."

Dinner (Fri Mar 14, 6:00 pm)

SESSION II (Sat Mar 15, 9 am-12 pm)

1. Gretchen C. Foley (U Nebraska), "Arrays and K-Nets: Transformational
	Relationships within Perle's Twelve-Tone Tonality."
2. Michael Berry (CUNY), "A Modular Space Approach to Voice Leading in Atonal

- break -

3. Robert T. Kelley (FSU), "Charting Enharmonicism on the Just-Intonation Tonnetz:
	A Practical Approach to Neo-Riemannian Analysis."
4. Adam Ricci (Eastman), "Harmonic Sequences with Three- (or more) Chord Patterns:
	Theory and Practice."

Lunch (Sat Mar 15, 12:00-1:00 pm)
Business Meeting (Sat Mar 15, 1:00-2:00 pm)

SESSION III (Sat Mar 15, 2-5 pm)

1. Eugene Montague (UCF), "Metrical Dissonance and Moving to Music."
2. Don Traut (UNC-Greensboro), "Recurring Accent Patterns in Rock Music."

- break -

3. James S. MacKay (Loyola), "Musical Proportion and Formal Function in Classical
	Sonata Form: Three Case Studies from Late Haydn and Early Beethoven."
4. Andrew Kizas (U Western Ontario), "Heinrich Schenker and the Organicism Debate:
	Unpacking Schenker's Place in the Germanic Philosophical Tradition."