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The 1980s: Popular Music and Culture
New York, February/March 2003

The 1980s: Popular Music and Culture
Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference
New York University
Faculty of Arts and Science
Department of Music
28 February - 1 March 2003


In the last two decades, scholars writing from the disciplines of new
musicology, cultural studies, sociology, feminist studies,
ethnomusicology, and music theory have created an interdisciplinary body
of work on popular music. Researchers have addressed many different
musical styles, genres, and periods, but relatively few have investigated
the popular music of the 1980s. Small wonder, since this decade has
largely been dismissed as an era of big hair, bad clothes, and poor taste.

This conference acknowledges these existing aesthetic judgments, and will
alternately confront and revel in these views. Pop icons and one-hit
wonders, the rise of MTV and music videos, developments in media
technology -- these are all extremely significant phenomena in the recent
history of American popular music. Additionally there seems to be a
growing sense of nostalgia for the 1980s, as seen in the proliferation of
specialized web sites, television shows, 80s club nights, 80s cover bands,
and reunion tours.

The program committee invites proposals for papers, presentations, and
performances of twenty minutes in duration that address the following

*music and technology
*means of production and consumption
*cult of personality, icons and images
*fashion and music 
*musical styles
*politics of music
*music and social movements
*commercial music
*gender and music

Abstracts for papers should be no longer than 300 words. Please include
audio/video requests and full contact information. Electronic submissions
are preferred and should be sent to the Chair of the Programming
Committee, Wynn Yamami ( Postal submissions should be sent
to: NYU Music Department; Attn: That 80s Conference; 24 Waverly Place,
Room 268; New York, NY 10003-6789, USA. 

Deadline for receipt of proposals: 1 December 2002