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Victorian Doubt
Mystery and Meaning in the Arts
Waco, Texas, March 2003

I have had a good enough response to my call for papers for a panel on Victorian
Doubt, which will be hald at Baylor University's conference on "Mystery and
Meaning in the Arts " (March 20-23, 2003), that Baylor has invited me to form a
second panel.  I need just a few more papers, to fill out the second panel.

If you are interested, please send me a brief description of your paper concept or
a full abstract as soon as possible.  The conference organizers have a submission
deadline of Sept. 30; but they want me, as the panel coordinator, to see the
abstracts before then.  I've set Sept 15th 2002 as my deadline.

Catherine Ross
Asst Professor of English
The University of Texas at Tyler