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The Waltz
Toronto, March 2003

The Waltz:
Re-Examining and Re-Interpreting a Popular Dance
(A Symposium in Honour of Robert Falck)

University of Toronto, Faculty of Music

1st March 2003

Keynote Speaker:  Robert Falck

There will be a one-day conference on Saturday, March 1st, 2003 devoted to the
Waltz.  This conference is sponsored by the graduate students in musicology in
conjunction with the division's Symposium Series in Musicology and Theory.

The waltz inhabits the sonorous realm of the immediately familiar, able instantly
to evoke the ballrooms of nineteenth century Vienna and Paris with a single
measure of music.  Much of the scholarly work on the waltz has focussed on
composers such as Johann Strauss II, Joseph Lanner and Emil Waldteufel, and on the
waltz as a historical dance form. However, the organizers of this conference are
seeking papers which go beyond the boundaries of traditional waltz scholarship and
recognize the waltz as both a potent musical/cultural trope and as an important
archetype of Western culture.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

- - the waltz in 19th century opera or operetta
- - the waltz in musical comedy
- - the popular waltz song (potentially different topics)
- - the waltz as a staging convention for film, theatre
- - sociology of the waltz
- - the waltz in instrumental music (symphony, suite, solo piano music)
- - the waltz in ballet
- - semiotics of the waltz


Submit abstracts in the body of an email to either of the following:

Teresa Magdanz			Alex Carpenter 

Or by FAX:  +1-(416) 964-1364