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AIDS and Music, NEMLA
Boston, April 2003

CFP:  AIDS and Music (9/15/02; NEMLA '03, Boston, 6-9 April 2003)

Papers are sought for a proposed panel on "AIDS and Music" at the 2003
NEMLA convention in Boston.

AIDS narratives -- that is, the literary expression of the disease -- are
undeniably captivating and oft-studied facets of the pandemic.  As there
is a large and comprehensive body of literature about AIDS, there is also
a body of music addressing aspects of the disease.  Indeed, music about
AIDS, arguably, reaches a larger, more diverse audience; thus, it is ripe
for study of its implications and/or contradictions.

Accordingly, papers might examine artists with AIDS (Eazy-E, Liberace,
Freddie Mercury); lyrical content about AIDS (by artists e.g. Madonna,
Janet Jackson, George Michael); notions of performativity (Tom Hanks's
treatment of "Mamma Morta" in "Philadelphia"); the AIDS song as fundraiser
("That's What Friends Are For," the Red Hot series); music videos about
AIDS; popular and critical reception of AIDS music, and, by extension, the
artist(s) performing the song(s); or other aspects of the
interconnectivity between AIDS and music.

Full-length papers or abstracts of these papers due by September 15.  To
allow for a substantive question and answer session, papers should be read
in a twenty-minute time frame.  Additionally, participants must be current
in NEMLA membership dues by October 1.

E-submissions are preferred, and may be sent to
Hard copies may be mailed to:
Chris Bell
7752 South Luella Avenue
Chicago, Illinois  60649

Please feel free to email questions as well.

All submissions will hear a response by October 1st, 2002.

For more information about NEMLA membership and/or the convention, please