Department of Music

American Musicological Society, New York State - St. Lawrence Chapter Meeting
Hamilton, ON, April 2003

NYSSL-AMS Chapter Meeting, 26-27 April 2003
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Saturday, April 26

9:30-10:30  Session I: The Waltz in the 20th Century
Chair: Susan Fast, McMaster University

Alexander Carpenter, University of Toronto: "(Second) Viennese Waltz:
Crisis, Change and the Waltz in Arnold Schoenberg's Oeuvre"

Teresa Magdanz, University of Toronto: "The Celluloid Waltz: Reveries of
the American Carousel"

11:00-12:00 noon  Session II: "Spiritual" Music in the 16th and 17th
Chair: Sandra Mangsen, University of Western Ontario

Marjorie Roth, Nazareth College of Rochester: "Chromaticism in Context:
A New View of Orlando di Lasso's Prophetiae Sibyllarum"

Janette Tilley, University of Toronto: "From Personification to
Meditation: Representations of the 'Faithful Soul' in Lutheran
Devotional Music of the Seventeenth Century"

1:30-2:30  Plenary/Keynote Address

Elaine Keillor, Carleton University
"Canadian Compositrices and the Other"

2:30-3:30  Session III: The Agenda of Modernism in 20th-Century
Chair: Murray Dineen, University of Ottawa

Brian Locke, SUNY Stony Brook: "'Of Base and Contemptible Passions':
Madness and Modernism in Jeremias' Opera 'Bratri Karamazovi'"

Alexander Colpa, Kingston, Ont.: "The Role of Existentialist Theory in
the Early Dramstadt Schoenberg Reception: A Study in Lateral Stylistic

4:00-5:00  Session IV: Reassessing Received Knowledge about the 20th
Tom Denny, Skidmore College

Rob Haskins, Eastman: "'Beating My Head Against that Wall': Cage,
Harmony and an Argument for Analysis"

Murray Dineen, University of Ottawa: "Adorno, Jazz and Schoenberg: For
the Defence"

6:00-6:30  Concert

Richard Semmens, University of Western Ontario: recorder
Mary Cyr, University of Guelph: viola da gamba
Sandra Mangsen, University of Western Ontario: harpsichord

Pieces by Jacques Hotteterre, Marin Marais, and Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet
de la Guerre

Sunday, April 27

9:30-10:30  Session V  Performing Sensuality in the late 18th and 19th
Chair: Richard Semmens, University of Western Ontario

Emily Dolan, Cornell University: "Taming Sonority with Reason: Kant,
Rousseau, and the Glass Armonica"

Tom Denny, Skidmore College: "'Che sono i fini di chi fa mal'? - Variant
Endings during Don Giovanni's First Century"

11:00-12:00  Session VI  Wagner and Verdi
Chair: James Deaville, McMaster University

Lindsay Moore, University of Toronto: "Rich Man, Poor Man: Verdi's and
Wagner's Operas and the Changing Copyright and Performance Rights Laws
of the Nineteenth Century"

Drew Stephen, University of Toronto: "The Hunt as Couleur Locale in
Verdi's Don Carlos and Wagner's Tannhaeuser"

12:00-12:30  Session VII  Chant
Chair: John Haines, University of Toronto

Andrew Hughes, University of Toronto: "Early Printed Sarum Breviaries:
Manuscript and Continental Origins"