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Continuities and Discontinuities in the Austrian Twentieth Century
Edinburgh, April 2003

Continuities and Discontinuities in the Austrian Twentieth Century
International Conference, organised by the Centre for Austrian
Studies at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, with the
support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, London.

University of Edinburgh,
2-6 April 2003

For further information and to register for this conference, see:


The Centre for Austrian Studies is a collaborative venture between the
Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Its aim is to foster
interdisciplinary research in all aspects of Austrian life. From 3-6 April
2003, it will hold a major international retrospective conference,
"Continuities and Discontinuities in the Austrian Twentieth Century".
Spanning the whole of the 20th century, from the flourishing Imperial era
to the radical vibrancy of the Second Republic, the conference will
highlight Austria's leading role in literature, art, music, film,
architecture, history, politics, psychology and sociology during this

As guest of honour, we are delighted to welcome Professor Carl E.
Schorske, Princeton University.

Confirmed key-note speakers include:

Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler (Professor of German Literature, University of
Ian Boyd-Whyte (Professor of Architectural History, University of 
	Edinburgh and Getty Institute Los Angeles)
Christopher Hailey (Musicologist, Franz Schreker Foundation, Los Angeles
	and Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Vienna)
Andrew Barker (Professor of Austrian Literature, University of Edinburgh)


Wednesday 2nd April

19.30 Wine Reception and Buffet Supper to launch of the new series of the
journal Austrian Studies, now being edited by Judith Beniston and Robert

Thursday 3rd April

9.30 Welcome. Michael Zimmermann (Austrian Cultural Forum, London)

9.45 KEYNOTE 1: Ian Boyd-Whyte (University of Edinburgh and Getty
Institute, Los Angeles) Architecture as Provocation

10.30 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

11.00 Tim Kirk (University of Newcastle) Thwarted Utopias: Vienna from
	Mitteleuropa to Zentraleuropa
11.30 Wolfgang Straub (University of Vienna) Die gigantische Symbiose von
	Natur, Technik und Geschichte. Kaprun: eine Schneise durch 
	Oesterreichs Kulturgeschichte 1938 bis 2002

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Margy Gerber (Bowling Green State University) Self-Defined and 
	Politically Outspoken: Three Examples of the New Jewish Presence
	in Austrian Letters
14.00 Lisa Silverman (Yale University and IFK, Vienna) Repossessing the
	Past?: Property, Memory and Austrian Jewish Narrative Histories
14.30 Christina Guenther (Bowling Green State University) Doron 
	Rabinovici's Poetics of Geography: Mapping Jewish Identity in
	Austria Today

15.00 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

15.30 Patrizia McBride (University of Minnesota) The Politics of Kitsch.
	Musil and Broch on Art and Morality
16.00 Elizabeth Steindl (University of Nitra, Slovakia) and Gustav Frank
	(University of Nottingham) Viennese Operetta - Kitsch, Myth and
	Austrian Self-Perception

16.45 Dalya Crispin (Royal College of Music) Interpretative Themes and
	Arnold Schoenberg's String Quartet in F sharp minor Opus 10
17.15 Christian Glanz (Institut für Musikgeschichte, Vienna) Images
	österreichischer Identität in populärer Musik
17.45 Eric Usner (New York University) Scoring America: Viennese Jews and
	the Classic Hollywood Film Score

Friday 4th April

09.00 Alex Law (University of Abertay) and Neil Davidson (Open 
	University) Otto Bauer's 'Community of Character':
	Austro-Marxism's Greatest Failure?
09.30 Allyson Fiddler (University of Lancaster) Promoting and/or 
	Preventing Cultural Hybridity: Notes on Carinthian Culture
10.00 Jennifer Michaels (Grinnell College, Iowa) The Role of Contemporary
	Austrian Writers in Promoting a Multicultural Inclusive Society

10.30 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

11.00 Judith Beniston (University College London) Vienna meets Tyrol:
	Austrian Peasant Plays 1900-45
11.30 Sigurd Paul Scheichl (University of Innsbruck) Centre and 
	Periphery: The Tyrolean Example

12.15 KEYNOTE 2 Christopher Hailey (Franz Schreker Foundation, Los Angeles
and Arnold Schoenberg Institute, Vienna) Disrupted Continuities: Myths of
Musical Modernism

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Geoffrey Howes (Bowling Green State University) Breaking the Double
	Bind? Madness in Recent Austrian Literature
15.00 Paul Bishop (University of Glasgow) TITLE tba

15.30 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

16.00 Leo Lensing (Wesleyan University) Kraus the Mouse? Kafka's Late 
	Reading of Die Fackel and the Vagaries of Literary History
16.30 Gilbert Carr (Trinity College, Dublin) Figures of Repetition:
	Continuity and Discontinuity in Karl Kraus's Satire
17.00 Anton Sousa Ribeiro (Coimbra University) "Last Man" and 
	Seismographic Critique: The Power of Satire and the Discourse of
	Cultural Critique

Saturday 5th April

09.00 Noah Isenberg (Wesleyan University) A Viennese Childhood: The Early
	Years of Edgar G. Ulmer
09.30 Robert von Dassanowsky (University of Colorado) New Austrian Film:
	The Re-Vision of National (Film) Identity?
10.00 Willy Riemer (University of Delaware) The Cultural Politics of
	Austrian Film Art

10.30 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

11.00 Nicole Immler (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz) Labels: The Drama of
	the Contemporary. Ludwig Wittgenstein as lieux de memoire of
	Austria's scientific community and cultural industry
11.30 Richard Calvocoressi (Scottish Gallery of Modern Art) Kokoschka and
	Red Vienna

12.15 KEYNOTE 3 Andrew Barker (University of Edinburgh) Gustav Mahler and

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Kathrin Kohl (Jesus College, Oxford) 'Das Spielfeld ist die Sprache':
	Concepts of Poetry in the Work of Modern Austrian Writers
14.30 Stefan Krammer (University of Vienna) Radikale Zerreißproben:
	Politische Interventionen des Wiener Aktionismus
15.00 Robert Vilain (Royal Holloway, University of London) Caesuras?:
	Continuities and Discontinuities in 20th-Century Austrian Poetry

15.30 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

16.00 Gundolf Graml (University of Minnesota) "Die Fremden sind ja fremd
	hier": Tourism, Governmentality and Identity in Austria, 1945-1955
16.30 Elizabeth Kolleritsch (University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz)
	Jazz in Austria after the Second World War (1945-1955) and the
	Political-Cultural Programs of Occupying Powers

17.15 KEYNOTE 4 Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler (University of Vienna) Der lange
	Atem der österreichischen Literatur: Die hohe Kunst der Schelte
	von Abraham a Santa Clara bis Elfriede Jelinek

19.30 Whisky Tasting Session presented by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society

20.30 Buffet Supper