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Beyond Contemporary Fame: Reassessing the Art of Clemens non Papa and Thomas Crecquillon
Utrecht, April 2003

Reassessing the Art of Clemens non Papa and Thomas Crecquillon

Utrecht University, April 24-26, 2003

In April 2003 the University of Utrecht hosts a conference on the music of Clemens
non Papa and Thomas Crecquillon, two of the most influential composers in the Low
Countries in the mid sixteenth century. Although the works of Clemens have been
available in a modern edition for some time, and the edition of Crecquillon's
works is near completion, neither of these composers has thus far received due
(scholarly) attention. Papers will deal with a variety of themes relating to the
lives and works of Clemens and Crecquillon. Speakers include Ellen Beebe, Ignace
Bossuyt, Mary Ferer, Kristine Forney, Martin Ham, John Milsom, Bernadette Nelson,
Keith Polk, William Prizer, Stephen Rice, Thomas Schmidt-Beste, Henri Vanhulst,
and Laura Youens.

Additional papers are invited for topics related to the theme of the conference.

Registration: € 25 (including coffee/tea & lunches). Bookings can be made by
post or by e-mail and should be sent to arrive by Monday 7 April 2003. Enquiries
can be made by e-mail, phone or fax to:

Eric Jas
tel./fax: +31-35-6917864