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Researching Black Canadian musics / Black music cultures in Canada
Toronto, May 2003

May 1-3, 2003
York University, Toronto ON

An interdisciplinary conference sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Black
Cultures in Canada, York University, Toronto.

The Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada invites your participation in
the first conference devoted to research on Black Canadian musics / Black music
cultures in Canada.  This conference will bring together scholars from a wide
range of disciplines, as well as musicians and community historians, to share
research and build a foundation for Black Canadian music studies.  We invite
papers on all genres of Black music, including (but not limited to) spirituals,
blues, reggae, calypso, steel pan, "high-life", soukous, mbaqanga, salsa, son,
jazz, r & b, gospel, "classical", ragtime, musical theatre, country, soul, funk,
dub, hip hop, dance, electronica and DJ culture.

Possible themes include:
Defining "Black Canadian musics"
Histories of Black Canadian musics and musicians
African American, Caribbean and African music/ians in Canada
Canadian musics as Black diasporic musics
Black Canadian music organizations
Black activism, community radio, and independent labels
Ethnicity, Class, Gender and Sexuality in Black Canadian musics
Latin Canadian and Black francophone musics
Black Canadian music/ians in literature, film, theatre, music video
FLOW, WORD and the Black press
The music industry and the Junos
Black popular culture and club scenes
Black Canadian music and the Canadian state

Submit 2 copies of abstracts (250 words or less) and a brief biographical 
statement (1 pg. maximum) by December 2, 2002 to:

Researching Black Canadian Musics
706 Atkinson College
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto ON M3J 1P3
or e-mail Natasha Smith ( and Leslie Sanders (