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The Music Industry
Los Angeles, May 2003


To be presented at the third annual Graduate Student Conference:

The Music Industry

Saturday May 31, 2003
at the University of California, Los Angeles

Sponsored by the UCLA Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization
and the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology

All students and faculty in ethnomusicology, musicology, music
performance, anthropology, sociology, media studies, cultural studies,
entertainment law, business/marketing, and related fields are invited to
share their work in the Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization
Conference, The Music Industry.

We invite scholars from all disciplines to present their research related
to the following themes:

Please send a 250-word abstract for a 20-minute presentation, headed by
the paper title only - no name please.  On a separate cover sheet indicate
your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, academic
affiliation, and paper title. E-mail submissions are welcome.

We especially encourage ideas for panels and workshops including up to
three speakers.  Panel/workshop submissions must include abstracts for all
individual speakers, and an additional description of the panel themes and

Submissions must be received no later than Wednesday, April 30, 2003.

Send abstracts in email format to Kevin Miller at or a
hard copy to:

                        UCLA Dept. of Ethnomusicology
                        2539 Schoenberg Music Building
                        Box 951657
                        Los Angeles, CA 90095-1657

For further information contact Kevin Miller.  For information about the
UCLA Ethnomusicology Department, please visit