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International Machaut Society, International Congress on Medieval Studies
Kalamazoo, May 2003

International Machaut Society at Kalamazoo
Call for Papers

As usual, the International Machaut Society hopes to sponsor three paper
sessions at the next meeting of the International Congress on Medieval
Studies (Kalamazoo, 8-11 May 2003). Paper proposals (e-mail is fine)
should be sent no later than 15 September 2001 to:

Alice V. Clark
College of Music
Loyola University New Orleans
Campus Box 8
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118, USA
fax: +1-504/865-2852

For further information on each session, you may also contact the
individuals listed below.

Machaut Reception (Nicole Lassahn,  This
session will be devoted to any aspect of Machaut reception, from
recordings of the Mass to the varying identities of Toute-Belle.  While
there is obviously room for overlap with the other two sessions, we
envision this one as the primary locus for reception history per se.

Machaut Reading / Reading Machaut (Deborah McGrady,,
and Alice Clark,  Here the focus is on Machaut's use
of his sources, or on his own status as a source for others.  We hope that
this session, like the other two, will include papers on both literary and
musical topics.

The Future of Machaut Studies (Alice Clark,  This will
likely be a panel discussion, with presentations on what remains to be
done in terms of lyric poetry, narratives, music, manuscript studies, and
so forth.