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Music in Britain: A Social History Seminar
London, May 2003


Monday 19 May, 3.00 - 7.00 (Please note start time)

British Local History Room, Institute of Historical Research (Senate
House, Malet Street, London WC1)

The theme of the extended 19 May seminar is 'The Proms'. This will be an
informal workshop session with opportunity and encouragement for general
discussion by those attending.

The first half will run from 3.00 - c. 4.30 and will be based around
presentations given by Cyril Ehrlich and Leanne Langley (Goldsmiths
College), with input from Nicholas Kenyon (Controller, BBC Proms, Live
Events and TV Classical Music).

We shall reconvene at 5.15 for a presentation by Jenny Doctor (Trinity
College of Music) and further commentary from Nicholas Kenyon. The session
concludes at 7.00pm.

Some of the themes for the seminar are: The Proms: continuity and change;
early history; programming; audience building; the Proms and the issue of
identity; marketing;

Afterwards, several members usually take the opportunity to carry on the
discussion over dinner at a local restaurant.

Convenors: Professor Cyril Ehrlich; Professor Simon McVeigh (Goldsmiths 
College, University of London) and Mr David Wright (Royal College of 
Secretary: Ann van Allen-Russell