Department of Music

Symposium on Fifteenth-Century Musical Instruments and Instrumental Music
London, June 2003

MUSIC, London Metropolitan University, 28-29 June 2003.

There will be an informal symposium on Fifteenth-Century Musical
Instruments and Instrumental Music, jointly organised by the London
Metropolitan University Music and Technology Research Seminar and the
Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments, at London
Metropolitan University, 28-29 June 2003.  This is an opportunity for
scholars, performers and instrument makers to share and discuss recent
research pertaining to all aspects of instruments during a crucial period
in the development of their use in Europe.  Our view of the century will
be a 'long' one; several of the presentations already planned extend their
scope back to the fourteenth or forward into the sixteenth centuries.

Proposals for presentations (papers, demonstrations, short performances
and perhaps other modes) on any aspect of instruments and their use are
invited.  Please send proposals (200 words maximum) by 16 June, by email,

Please paste your proposal into the body of your email; attachments will
not be opened.  The final programme of the symposium will be available by
20 June.

Subjects already proposed include:
- The late medieval citole
- Vestiges of a polyphonic plectrum technique in the lute manuscript 
  Pesaro 1144
- Instrumental music in Bologna A71
- Reconstructing the lira da braccio
- The clavichord according to Baude and Arnaut of Zwolle
- The use of manuscripts by instrumentalists in the late fifteenth century
- Late medieval bone pipes
- The meaning of the term skrzypce in Polish culture of the fifteenth and
  early sixteenth centuries
- Representations of musical instruments in late fifteenth-century 

There will be a small exhibition of recent reconstructions of instruments
of the late fourteenth to early sixteenth centuries. Proposals of
instruments for inclusion are also invited.

Immediately adjacent to the Symposium will be a Study Day at the British
Museum, devoted to recent research on the Museum's fourteenth-century
English citole (the instrument traditionally known as the Warwick Castle
'Gittern').  Numbers for this day will be limited.

Further information and registration details are obtainable from:
Lewis Jones, London Metropolitan University, 41-71 Commercial Road,
London E1 1LA, UK.
Tel. +44-(0)20 7320 1841
Fax. +44-(0)20 7230 1830