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Jazz, Atonal Music, Noise
Famagusta, May/June 2003

Call for Papers: Jazz, atonal music, noise

Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

The sixth annual Literature and Humanities Conference will be held at Eastern
Mediterranean University as part of Inscriptions in the Sand, an Arts and Culture
festival taking place at the university and environs between May 30th and June 1st
2003.  In conjunction with a wide selection of music, performance and film events,
discussion friendly papers are being solicited for our symposium.  Although we
will be publishing selected presentations from Inscriptions in the Sand, we
encourage participants to move away from the standard prewritten, "finished paper"
format, towards a more open-ended presentation, which will provoke and contribute
to a genuine exchange of research and ideas during the panel sessions. Our aim is
to create a forum and publishing venue for inspiring work in progress, where the
exchange of ideas with fellow academics participating in the conference will
contribute to the final form of participants' work.

With this in mind, we invite papers and/or presentations that examine the current
status of critical thinking on jazz and on the notions of atonal music and noise.  
Possible topics might include but are not limited to:

-           noise as a cultural phenomenon
-           jazz as musical interstice
-           jazzing gender
-           beat jazz/bop poetics: Kerouac, Ginsberg and the future of bop rhythms
-           transitions from mechanical to technological noise
-           conventional/improvisational jazz
-           the politics of fusion.
-           the noise of public and private spaces in the twenty-first century
-           rap, scat, human beatbox
-           Bjork, Tori Amos: tonality, noise and the female solo singer
-           punk rock, hip-hop, speed metal, misfit noise
-           constructions of identity through music
-           language as noise
-           Latin vs. Germanic: The tonality of language
-           Marilyn Monroe/Marilyn Manson
-           blue sounds: the poetry of Langston Hughes
-           reassessing Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music
-           jazz in Harlem renaissance literature
-           noise and native American culture
-           the role of noise in definitions of high, low and popular culture
-           the mobile phone ring-tone symphony
-           gendered noise
-           tonality and lyrical meaning
-           the Queen's jubilee and the spectre of Johnny Rotten
-           reassessment of the term "Beat"
-           the role of noise in cultural spectacle, including football matches,
	    tennis, cricket, the theatre and art exhibitions

Papers are also welcomed on individual artists. Suggestions:

Nina Simone
Shirley Bassey
Billie Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald
Sarah Vaughan
Janis Joplin
Thelonius Monk
Wynton Marsalis
Miles Davis
Frank Sinatra
Louis Armstrong
Sex Pistols
Primal Scream
Philip Glass
John Cage
Pierre Boulez
Alban Berg
Arnold Schoenberg
Anton von Webern
Edgard Varèse
George Crumb

Please send 250 word abstracts by 30 October 2002 to: or
and please visit for more information.