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Early Modern Ritual and Remembrance
Aberdeen, June 2003


An interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Centre for Early Modern
Studies in conjunction with the School of English
University of Aberdeen
27-29th June 2003

The subjects of ritual and memory are attracting growing interest among early
modern scholars.  The implications of this burgeoning field of study bear closely
upon a period of transformation and upheaval. This conference aims to bring
together scholars to consider this moment of transition in the dynamics of Ritual
and Memory.  Papers are invited from those looking to address these concerns.  
Possible subjects might include:

Ritual techniques and practices; memory sites; arts of memory and memorialistion;
customs, histories and records; forms of devotion; calendar customs; ceremony,
liturgy and the sacred; images and icons; magic and superstition; demystification;
death and dying; geographies of the afterlife; ghosts and demons, ghost stories
and ghost writers; dreams, allegory.

Papers from the perspectives of literature, history, art history, gender studies
and other relevant fields are welcome. Please submit abstracts of not more than
250 words in hard copy or email to conference organisers Andrew Gordon and Tom
Rist by 30th Jan 2003 at the following address:

Ritual and Remembrance Conference
Department of English
University of Aberdeen
Taylor Building
Old Aberdeen AB24 3UB, Scotland
Fax: +44 (0)1224-272624

Or by email to     or