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Music--Culture--Society: A Symposium in Memory of John Blacking
Perth, Australia, July 2003


12 - 14 JULY 2003

John Blacking (1928-1990), British anthropologist and ethnomusicologist, was a
pioneer in the exploration of the role of music in society and culture.  What
began as a field study of the Transvaal Venda people of South Africa in 1956
became the basis of his postulation on the nature of musicality and the foundation
of his theory on the presence of music in human life.

The Callaway Centre is the custodian of the John Blacking Papers, comprising his
original research data on African music as well as unpublished papers written for
many of the conferences he attended.

The following papers will be given at the symposium:


Abdullah, Mr Mohd Hassan (Malaysia): Adaptational and Idiosyncratic of Malaysian
	Music: the roles of the kompang in the Malay society 
Akrofi, Dr Eric (South Africa): Zulu Indigenous Beliefs: to what extent do they
	influence the performance practices of Isicathamiya musicians? 
Betz, Prof. Marianne (Germany): Searching for a Musical Identity: how to deal with
	'sameness' and 'otherness' in music history 
Burton, Prof. Bryan (USA): Something Old, Something New; Something Borrowed - Even
	the Blues: stylistic evolution in contemporary native American music 
Cheng, Prof. Shui-Cheng (Taiwan): Composed School Songs for Children during the
	Period of Showa
Crowdy, Mr Denis (Australia): John Blacking's ideas and the experience of teaching
	music at the University of Papua New Guinea's Faculty of Creative Arts
	from 1992 to 2000 
Dennis, Dr Simone (Australia): Looking Carefully at the Bodily Comportment in
	Playing Music 
Digolo, Dr Beatrice (Kenya): Paradoxical Role of Indigenous Music in Contemporary
	African Societies: the case of Kenya 
Dobson, Dr Elaine (New Zealand): Dancing on the demon's back: the dramnyen dance
	and song of Bhutan 
Doniner, Dr Gorana (Croatia): Croatian Historiography of Folk Music Influenced by
	John Blacking 
Dontsa, Dr Luvuyo (South Africa): Restoring Cultural-Social Fabric: a cultural
	instrument for a fight against HIV AIDS 
Edmunds, Dr Neil (UK) and Yang, Dr Hon-Lun (Hong Kong): Socialist Culture and
	Socialist Music: two case studies 
Emberly, Ms Andrea (USA): Examining the Study of Children's Musical Culture in
Gillies, Prof. Malcolm (Australia): Democratic Polyphony - Blacking and Grainger  
Gottschewski, Dr Hermann (Germany): Music for the Million against the Music of the
Harlan, Mr Brian (USA): Anthropology of Corporealism in the Music of Harry Partch 
Harris, Dr Diana (UK): A Practical Guide to How to Teach Muslims in Your Music
Hilarian, Mr Larry (Singapore): Gambus (lutes) of the Malay World - its Origins
	and Significance in Zapin 
Houston, Mr Neil (UK): Young Learners' Perceptions of Non-Western Music 
Kassaye, Dr Woube (Ethiopia): Traditional Music in the Ethiopian Curriculum 
Kidula, Dr Jean (Kenya): Teaching world music in Africa and in the United
	States: Adopting labels in the industry and the academy 
Knopoff, Dr Steven (Australia): Cultural Context and its Role in Music Analysis 
Kofie, Dr Nicholas (Ghana): Social Organisation and Acoustic Organisation: a
	Blacking-inspired method of investigation 
Lee, Ms Insuk (New Zealand): Kiseang (female entertainer and social group) as a
	producer and a consumer of music and art in the Korea Chosun dynasty
Lee, Dr Liza (USA): Music, Social Interaction and Culture: a curriculum model to
	teach language, self and identity to pre-school children of dual cultures 
Lee, Dr Schu-chi (Taiwan): Taiwanese Taoist Music Enters the Twenty-First Century
Lines, Mr David:  Blacking's Legacy: The Transformational and Affective Dimension
	of Music Education 
Marsh, Dr Kathy (Australia): A Cross-Cultural Study of the Musical Play Practices
	of Children in School Playgrounds 
Malacari, Ms Gillian (Australia): Political Agendas and World Issues
	(1950s-1990s): influences on Ethnomusicology, Music Education and the work
	of John Blacking 
McCarthy, Mr Len (Canada): Applications of Embodied Enactivism to Musical Analysis 
Mackinlay, Elizabeth (Australia): Embodied Pedagogy: reading race and gender in an
	indigenous Australian women's music and dance classroom 
Mereni, Dr Anthony (Nigeria): Musical Performance and Musicality: their essence
	(past and present) and significance in, and for education and therapy 
Ng, Ms Siong (New Zealand): Music Making by the Chinese Community in New Zealand 
O'Flynn, Dr John (Ireland): Relation to Formal and Informal Contexts of Music
	Education in Contemporary Irish Society 
Ottoson, Ms Ase (Sweden): "They all could be Gods in this F***ing Game!" -
	Indigenous Australian Musicians in the Studio 
Pear, Dr David (Australia): Percy Grainger and 'The Commercial Slavery of our
Peterson, Mr Alvin (South Africa): The Legacy of John Blacking and the Potential
	of its Influence on Future Directions in the Philosophy of Music Education 
Purba, Mr Gunadi Aman (Indonesia): The Influence of Pre-Indic in Central Sulawesi
Ramakrishnan, Alamelu (Chennai): Music in Different Cultures 
Saari, Mr Seppo (Finland): Old World - New Tradition: multicultural music
	education in teacher training 
Sager, Dr Rebecca (USA/Turkey): Blacking's Theory of Musical Transcendence, the
	Other Self, and Socio-cultural Identity Reconsidered 
Schormann, Dr Carola (Cuba): Models of Teaching World Musics: about the
	differences between learning objectives and the teacher's motivation 
Shepherd, Dr John (Canada): Music and Humanity 
Stephens, Prof. Jonathon (Scotland): Music Across Borders 
Stephenson, Dr Joanne (USA): African American Music: its evolution in an imposed
	cultural framework 
Tsai, Mr Tsan-huang (UK): Who Owns Theory? The Gap Between Indigenous and
	Scholarly Cultural Frameworks in the Studies of Chinese Buddhist Music and
	the Chinese Seven-stringed Zither 
Uscher, Dr Nancy (USA): The Hewlett Clusters at the University of New Mexico: an
	interdisciplinary curricular model in which music and other disciplines
	have been integrated with the humanities, social sciences and sciences 
Wekesa, Mr Peter (Kenya): Rethinking Interdisciplinary Approaches: history sources
	and African music practice in Kenya  
Young, Dr Susan (UK): Young Children's Processes of Making Music with Instruments 
Zhivkova, Dr Stella (Japan): Figurative Elements in Koto and Bunraku Music and
	their Analogues in other Related Forms of Japanese Culture 
Zickiene, Dr Ausra (Lithuania): The Combination of Three Layers of Music Culture
	in Lithuanian Funeral Rituals 

The Symposium is being organised by the Callaway Centre in association with the
School of Music and the Institute of Advanced Studies, The University of Western
Australia. Besides keynote addresses and paper sessions, there will be concerts,
an opportunity to view and discuss the Blacking Papers, a symposium dinner, and a
visit to an indigenous music centre.

The four keynote speakers are Professor Patricia Shehan-Campbell (University of
Washington), Dr John Baily (Goldsmiths College, University of London), Professor
Meki Nzewi (University of Pretoria) and Dr Fiona Magowan (University of Adelaide).

For further information contact Dr Victoria Rogers, Manager,
Callaway Centre at