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CongressCATH 2003: Warp:Woof - Aurality/Musicality/Textuality
Leeds, July 2003

AHRB CentreCATH (Director: Prof Griselda Pollock)

Call for Papers

CongressCATH 2003: Warp:Woof - Aurality/Musicality/Textuality

University of Leeds, UK
10 - 13 July, 2003


The warp and the woof is the opening of a field. Shifting from structuralism to
poststructuralism, from system to speaking subject, from work to text: this puts
into play new possibilities for thinking about sound, music, noise and listening,
about the structure of audition, and about the listening, responding subject.
Nietzsche diagnosed post-Socratic philosophy as fundamentally and constitutively
unmusical, however the theory of the text signals the closure of that era. There
opens a series of deconstructions of the voice in philosophy and in the
metaphysics of everyday life, and of attempts to change the object of analysis
itself, sparking genealogies of disciplinary power, desire and lines of flight.
Although the writers evoked here (Kristeva, Barthes, Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze)
only rarely themselves evoke those of the Frankfurt School, writers slightly out
of phase in nation and period, nevertheless these writings in their reflections on
language, technology, subjectivity and power weave a field for thinking musically.

Papers on:

New music theories, new musical objects, theorising through music and noise.
Extra-diegesis: sound and the moving image. Installation and sonic art. Radio.
Philosophy of rhythm: musical morphologies as modes of experience, memory, thought
and novel perception. Acoustic cartographs: local music cultures, dissemination.
Considering historical soundscapes. Grain, interpretation, accent, translation,
voice. Acoustical technologies, reproduction. media.


We invite abstracts of not more than 200 words for papers to be submitted by 28
February 2003 on forms availabole from:

Josine Opmeer
Centre Coordinator, AHRB CentreCATH
Old Mining Building, 2.08
University of Leeds