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Romantic Conflict, British Association for Romantic Studies
Warwick, July 2003



British Association for Romantic Studies

Romantic Conflict

24-27 July 2003
University of Warwick
Coventry, UK

Plenary Speakers: Isobel Armstrong, David Bromwich, Saree Makdisi, Susan

The overall aim of the conference is to investigate sites of social,
political and interpersonal conflict and their relationship to Romantic
writing. Conflict may be taken literally (i.e. Revolution, war, rebellion,
treason...) or figuratively (i.e. the clash of genres, the battle of the
sexes, the dissolution of friendships...).

General themes of the conference might include: the different ways
Romantic writers construct conflict; the range of attitudes towards
conflict, including incitement, justification, complaint, pacifism,
avoidance, denial; and the ways in which the study of Romanticism depends
upon notions of conflict and discord. Is 'Romanticism' itself a site of
conflict? Is resolution possible or is the struggle always already lost?
The conference will also be an opportunity to test the viability of
Romantic models for peace and reconciliation.

Some of the specific topics to be addressed are:

- war and the justification for war
- exploration, adventure, travel ('culture clash')
- class conflict, revolution
- ideologies
- religious differences
- ecological conflict
- gender conflict ('battle of the sexes')
- friends and enemies
- literary and political rivalry
- competition
- utopias
- antagonism between writers and reviewers
- conflicts between modes of discourse
- literature, philosophy, history; poetry vs. prose
- radical aesthetics
- literary / cultural criticism as conflict
- Romanticism and Modernism
- Romantic studies as itself a site of conflict

Conference Committee: Jacqueline Labbe, Michael John Kooy, Karen O'Brien,
Emma Francis, Stephen Shapiro, Peter Larkin

Proposals for papers of 20 minutes are invited on these and related
topics. We are also interested in proposals for special sessions. Please
submit session titles and abstracts for potential participants by the
deadline. Please either send in an abstract of 300 words to Jacqueline
Labbe, BARS 2003, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies,
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK;, or
submit an abstract online

Deadline for abstracts: 15 October 2002