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Scarborough Electroacoustics 2003
Scarborough, July 2003

Scarborough Electroacoustics 2003.  4th-6th July, University of Hull,
Scarborough Campus.

The programme for SEA03 has been announced, and is available from the
conference website at:

SEA03 includes:

* Pieces and papers by visiting composers Natasha Barrett, Jonty Harrison, 
  Todd Winkler, and Mike Vaughan.
* Installations by Archer Endrich and Leif Inge.
* A concert by Jos Zwaanenburg
* A concert by BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre)
* A performance by idée fixe (director Leigh Landy). 
* Paper sessions on spatialisation, interaction, synthesis, and 
* 10 concerts in three days, including pieces for instrument and tape, 
  multichannel tape, and video and tape

Booking is now open for SEA03 - details can be found on the website.

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