Department of Music

Making Waves: Literary Studies in an Interdisciplinary Frame
Robinson College, Cambridge
4-5 July 2003

Making Waves: Literary Studies in an Interdisciplinary Frame
Cambridge, July 2003
A conference under the auspices of the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, designed to foreground aspects of contemporary literary studies in relation to some of the interdisciplinary exchanges exemplified or made possible by the work of Professor Dame Gillian Beer. For more information and a booking form please email:, telephone: +44-(0)1223- 765778, or visit the conference webpage at Conference Fees: residential fee 100 per day, non-residential fee 50 per day, student daily fee 25 per day. Programme of Speakers Friday 4 July Professor Homi Bhabha (Harvard University) What is a Post-Colonial Classic? Professor Terry Castle (Stanford University) A Jazz Age Belinda Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst (Oxford) Making Magic Professor Kate Flint (Rutgers University) Peter Walsh's Penknife Professor Evelyn Fox Keller (MIT) Imitation, Identity, and Difference Professor Martin Jay (UC, Berkeley) No State of Grace: Violence in the Garden Professor Suzanne Raitt (William and Mary) Waste and Repair in Dorian Gray Professor Jacqueline Rose (Queen Mary, London) Coetzee's Women Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern (University of Cambridge) Commons and Borderlands Works in Progress, Poetry and Fiction Readings by Writers: Ruth Padel, Jo Shapcott, Ali Smith, Marina Warner Saturday 5 July Professor Malcolm Bowie (University of Cambridge) Freud on Music Professor Rachel Bowlby (University of York) Recapitulations Professor Catherine Gallagher (UC, Berkeley) Political Economy, Culture, and George Eliot Professor Ludmilla Jordanova (UEA) Art in Fiction Professor Angela Leighton (University of Hull) Just a Word: On Woolf Professor George Levine (Rutgers University) Reductionism, Positivism, Darwin, and Us Dr Christopher Page (University of Cambridge) A Woman's Shirt, a Museum, and the Rise of European Music Dr Ato Quayson (University of Cambridge) Africando: On the Multiple Temporalities of Contemporary Africa Professor Harriet Ritvo (MIT) Discovering the Victorian Environment Professor David Trotter (University of Cambridge) Virginia Woolf and Cinema Dr Alison Winter (University of Chicago) Sciences of Identity and Psychiatric Film