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Music and Gesture
Norwich, UK, August 2003

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In association with the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of
Music (ESCOM), the Society for Music Analysis (SMA), and the Society for
Education, Music, and Psychology Research (SEMPRE), the University of East
Anglia is proud to host

International Conference

University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
28-31 August 2003

Call for Papers

Gestures play a central role in our lives. We gesture, make gestures,
respond to other gestures, read and interpret gestures. We live in a
gestural world. Various types of gesture form vital and integral parts of
musical activity, including physical, cognitive, psychological,
expressive, communicative, emotional, sociological, analytical, and
pathological gestures. This conference seeks to explore the ways in which
gestures function in and in relation to musical practice, whether
performance, listening, composition, or other such activities.

Keynote addresses will be given by Nicholas Cook (UK), Jane Davidson (UK),
Robert Hatten (US), David Lidov (Canada), Justin London (US), Alexandra
Pierce (US), and John Rink (UK). Special symposia will be convened on the
topics of 'Human-Machine Interaction', 'Beyond Opera: Gesture in Music
Theatre', and 'Allusion and Quotation as Gesture'. Performances will be
given by the European Community Meta-Orchestra and by Moving Voices.

The Programme Committee invites proposals for papers of 20 minutes
duration. Papers on the following topics are encouraged, though all
proposals will be considered:

* Rehearsal and performance
* Semiotics and temporality
* Kinetics and body movement
* Theory, Analysis and interpretation
* Improvisation
* Subjectivity, voice and rhetoric
* Technology and gesture
* Music education and music therapy
* Musical gestures in other media e.g. ballet, film
* Psychology and cognition of music
* Composition
* Popular music
* Ethnomusicology

Postgraduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. Proposals for
poster sessions and roundtables are welcome (roundtable proposals must
include topics and participants). Abstracts of no more than 300 words
should be sent by post or (preferably) email to Anthony Gritten, School of
Music, UEA, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK [email:]. Deadline for
receipt of proposals: 31 January 2003. The final programme and booking
information will be available in March 2003 at

Programme Committee: Amanda Bayley (Wolverhampton), Jane Davidson
(Sheffield), Elaine Goodman (Hull), Anthony Gritten (UEA), John Rink
(Royal Holloway).

Please note: an exhibition of books will be run by Rosemary Dooley

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Dr Anthony Gritten FRCO
School of Music
University of East Anglia
(+44)(0)1603 592435