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Theatre of the World - The World of Theatre
Eger, August 2003

Drama and theatre in Europe until the 19th century

5th international conference on European drama- and theatre history in Eger

The Research Group for the Old Hungarian Drama (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
will organise the 5th meeting of scholars of European drama and theatre history in
Eger between 25-27th August, 2003.

The main aim of the conference is to examine the relations between the European
(e. English, French, German, Dutch, etc.) and Hungarian drama history, how were
Hungarian dramas, theatre occasions segments of the European tradition. On the
other hand, we would like to find the links between the Hungarian and other
Central-European (e.g. German, Austrian, Slavonic, Czech, Romanian, etc.) theatre
and drama tradition, finally we would like to show the dramas and theatre
occasions from the Middle Ages to the 19th century in Hungary.

Topics explored may include:

1. Drama-theme catalogue
   a. methods of making this catalogue
   b. Drama themes in the Catholic tradition (e.g. mystery plays in the Middle
      Ages in Europe, Jesuit, Franciscan, Piarist, etc. dramas)
   c. Drama themes in the Protestant schools

2. Sources, social background
   a. (text)books and school dramas
   b. theological background of the dramas
   c. literature sociological questions in drama research
   d. cultural anthropological questions in the research of European drama 
   e. Theatre in the iconology - pictures of theatre in the contemporary editions,
      iconological influences to dramatic scenes
   f. Drama theory - drama practice
   g. Folklore, history of music, school drama

3. Documents of dramas
   a. Secrets of drama-manuscripts, Historiae Domus - what we can know only by
      philological work
   b. Printed documents
   c. Modern philological researches in Hungary and abroad - (critical) text
      editions, data bases, uses of sources
   d. Scenic, dramaturgy

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If you have any questions, please write to

Júlia Nagy
Miskolc University,
Dep. of Enlightenment and 19th Century Literature in Hungary