Department of Music

Central Renaissance Conference
Lawrence, KS, September 2003

        The Central Renaissance Conference, sponsored by the University of
Kansas, will be held in Lawrence on September 19-20 this year.  Our
plenary speaker will be David Cressy, Ohio State University, Fellow of the
Royal Historical Society, who will speak on "Print, Censorship, and Satire
on the Eve of Areopagitica."
        Over 80 papers have been accepted for the conference.  Sessions
will be devoted to such topics as:  Renaissance dramatic performance,
Spenser, Milton, Shakespeare, Food, Paracelsus, French literature, Early
modern women and gender, Music, Art, German literature, Historicism and
authorship, History of printing and scholarship.
        Conference information is posted at
        Registration fee (including a lunch and other amenities) is $40
for students, $50 for others.  Registration information may be received
from the conference director, Richard Hardin at: