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Early Music: Context and Ideas
Krakow, September 2003

First Announcement
International Conference in Musicology, Krakow, 19-21 September 2003.

The main aim of our conference is to discuss the problems concerning early
music (up to the mid 19th century), specified below. We invite
musicologists from all countries to come to Krakow (Poland) to participate
in our meeting. The conference will be held in the Institute of Musicology
of the Jagellonian University - one of the oldest and most prestigious
universities in Central Europe.

We propose the discussion of general topics of the conference:

1. socio-anthropological and practical contexts of music; musical life in
   various times and societies; music institutions and their impact on
   music production,
2. stylistic problems of musical performance in various traditions; musical
   repertoires as responses to specific social needs and venues,
3. musical context in sources and archives, 
4. musical ideas and theory of music; music within the system of 
   knowledge, music and the various fine and performing arts, musica

All accepted papers will be available on the official web-site of the
conference and will be published before the conference in the Conference
Book. During the conference only the central theses of the paper will be
delivered (no more than two minutes). The principal aim of the conference
is to discuss, in separate thematic sections, the problems of the
published papers. We expect papers (in Ms Word 97 or rtf format) no longer
than 3000 words or 21000 characters (including footnotes and
bibliography). Articles can also include, in addition, musical examples,
illustrations and tables. Although the language of the conference will be
English, we also accept papers in Italian, German and French.  During the
conference (Friday-Sunday) we plan to organise special concerts and to
visit the Museum of the Jagellonian University, the neighbouring medieval
castle and the ancient salt mine in Wieliczka.

Conference Calendarium
deadline for declaration of participation in the conference - 15 June 2002
deadline for submitting the preliminary proposals
	(central theses of the paper, max. one page) - 15 November 2002
deadline for sending papers for printing - 31 January 2003
publication of the papers on the conference web-site 
	(in advance of the book publication) - 15 April 2003

The conference fee is 50 Euro plus ca 300-600 Euro for accommodation and
meals; we do not refund the travel costs. (One Euro is approx. 0.87 US$.)

For information, please contact: 
Wojciech Marchwica or Piotr Wilk; Institute of Musicology - Jagellonian
University, ul. Westerplatte 10, 31-033 Krakow; tel./fax (48-12) 422-0064,