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Cristóbal de Morales: New Interpretations -- Works, Influences, Reception
Oxford, September 2003

Cristóbal de Morales (d. 1553)
New Interpretations: Works, Influences, Reception
An International Colloquium to mark the 450th Anniversary of his Death

University of Oxford, 9-11 September 2003
Organised in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, London

Tuesday 9 September

4-5.30 pm: Registration: The Queen's College

6 pm, All Souls College
Opening recital by A Capella Portuguesa

6.30 pm, All Souls College
Professor Robert Stevenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
Landmark contributions to Cristóbal de Morales scholarship, 1953-2003

Followed by reception in The Queen's College

Wednesday 10 September

10 am, All Souls College
Session 1: Spanish sources and traditions

10: Dr Michael Noone (Cornell University)
Vandals or conservators? The Nuevo rezado, Toledo scribes, and the case of Morales's
Toledo Lamentations

10.40: Dr Kenneth Kreitner (University of Memphis)
'Morales' and Tarazona 2/3

11.20: coffee

11.40: Dr Grayson Wagstaff (Catholic University of America)
Morales and the Spanish traditions

12.20: Bruno Turner (Almeria, Spain)
Aspects of tunes: reflections on some hispanic melodies for Office Hymns in the time
of Morales

1: lunch

2.40 pm, All Souls College
Session 2: Parody techniques & networks of influence

2.40: Dr Alison Sanders McFarland (Louisiana State University)
Morales, 'parody' technique, and the Missa Vulnerasti cor meum

3.20: Stephen Rice (University of Oxford)
Multiple layers of borrowing in Sancta Maria motets by Morales and his contemporaries

4: tea

4.30: Dr Cristle Collins Judd (University of Pennsylvania)
Multi-layered models: compositional approaches in the 1540s to Si bona suscepimus

5.10: Dr David Kidger (Oakland University)
Morales and the New Motet Style of the early 1540s: the 'Morales' prints of Gardano
and Scotto

8.30 pm, Chapel of The Queen^Òs College
Concert by the Brabant Ensemble, dir. Stephen Rice
Verdelot to Victoria: Morales & his circle

Thursday 11 September

10 am & 2.40 pm, All Souls College
Session 3: Transmission, reception, perceptions

10: Dr Tess Knighton (University of Cambridge)
Morales in print: distribution and ownership in Renaissance Spain

10.40: Dr Martin Ham (University of Surrey)
Morales at the periphery: sources in Germany and the Low Countries

11.20: coffee

11.40: Prof. Robert Stevenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
Morales's voice in the viceroyalties

12.20: Dr Cristina Urchueguía (Frankfurt)
De mortuis nihil nisi bene, pero
Cristóbal de Morales: Por una nueva edición de su misas tras RISM B XV

1: lunch

2.40: Dr Bernadette Nelson (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Morales's contribution to the hispanic Pange lingua tradition and an anonymous Tantum

3.20: Dr Emilio Ros-Fábregas (Universidad de Granada)
Cristóbal de Morales: a problem of musical mysticism and national identity in Spanish

4: tea

4.30: Round-table discussion: New interpretations: works, influences, reception

7.15 pm, Chapel of The Queen's College
Concert by Ensemble Plus Ultra, dir. Michael Noone
La luz de España en la música: Morales rediscovered



For complete conference, including concerts, coffee, and tea: £32 (students £22)

For complete conference, including coffee and tea but excluding concerts: £20
(students £15)

For all or part of each full day (Wednesday and Thursday): £15 (students £10)
including concert, or £10 (students £7) excluding concert

There is no need to register for the colloquium beforehand, but please inform the
coordinators if you wish to attend the recital in All Souls at 6 pm on the Tuesday,
since seating is limited.

Conference organisation:
Bernadette Nelson
Owen Rees
Stephen Rice
Margaret Bent


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