Department of Music

In(ter)discipline: New Languages for Criticism
Cambridge, September 2003

New Languages for Criticism: In(ter)discipline
19-21 September 2003
Cambridge, UK

This two-day international conference will be hosted by the Cambridge
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH).
It aims to stimulate discussion about the kinds of critical languages used
within the scholarly as well as the public sphere, and to explore the
linguistic challenge of increasingly interdisciplinary research within
modern Humanities. Many of our invited speakers have made powerful
interventions in this respect through the very nature of their work.
IN(TER)DISCIPLINE offers an exceptional opportunity to debate these and
other approaches, and to examine the significance of language in criticism
of non-linguistic as well as linguistic art forms.


  Malcolm Bowie
  Gillian Beer
  Beate Perrey


Friday 19 September 2003

Opening Lecture by
Mieke BAL:"'Close Reading' and the Language of Affect"
Respondent: Malcolm BOWIE
Saturday 20 September 2003

Session I:
Adam PHILLIPS: "Nuisance-Value"
Beate PERREY: "Borges' Blindness and Giacometti's Eyes"
Respondent: Ludmilla JORDANOVA

Session II:
Laurence KRAMER:"Wittgenstein's Chopin: Interdiscipline and 'The Music 
Elisabeth BRONFEN: "Describing the Visual: Cross-mapping Psychoanalytic 
	and Aesthetic Tropes"

Session III:
Catherine LORD: "Set Adrift in Style: The Scholar as Artist in Jacob's 
Joanne LEE: "Curiosity and Enchantment: Languages for Learning to Delight 
	in Art"
Stephen THOMSON: "Does Amina Sing in her Sleep? Consciousness and 
	Community in Bellini's La sonnambula"
Catherine TOAL: "Structures of Feeling: Criticism and the Language of 

Session IV:
Gabriele BRANDSTETTER: "Performance and notation - Questions of 
	(Re)Production and the Discourse of Performance-Analysis"
Peter SZENDY: "Orfeo's Indiscipline: Echoing the 'Mortal Ear'"


JOHN BERGER and SIMON MCBURNEY on "Other Ways of Seeing"

Sunday 21 September 2003:

Session V:
Malcolm BOWIE: "Is Music Criticism Criticism?"
Scott BURNHAM: "Musical Writing"

Session VI:
Friedrich KITTLER: "Ulysses' Bow: Poetics of Life and Death: (Od. XXI, 
Gillian BEER: "Island Encounters"

Session VII:
Ingo BERENSMEYER: "Literary Knowledge and the Reading Experience"
Anthony GRITTEN: "Music Performance and the Loopholes of Music Criticism"
Daniel ROSENBERG: "We have never been interdisciplinary: Encyclopedism and 
	Etymology in the Eighteenth Century and Since"
Victoria BEST: "Yves Bonnefoy's Recits en reve: Analysis as Poetry"

Closing Lectures and general discussion:


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