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Music and Literary Modernism
Central New York Conference on Language and Literature
New York, October 2003

Music and Literary Modernism

Proposals for interdisciplinary papers are sought for the 13th Annual
Central New York Conference on Language and Literature, SUNY-Cortland,
Cortland, New York, October 26-28, 2003 for a panel on Music and Literary

Papers are welcome on any intersections of music and literary modernism.
Topics may include (but are not limited to):
*       Literary modernism and musical aesthetics. How music became a
        trope deployed in modernism's justification of its aesthetic
*       Musicality in the text: Structure, Rhythm, Music, Text, and
        Time.  Tonality, serial composition, and writing.
*       Jazz: its impact on American or British fiction and poetry, or
        specifically on the writing of the Harlem Renaissance
*       Cultural approaches: Shifts in paradigm, challenges to 19th
        century confidence, loss of ontological ground or culture losing
        its bearings, relativism, interiority.
*       Studies of music and individual authors: ie. Pound's composing in
        "musical phrases", Gertrude Stein's writing, T.S. Eliot and The
        Four Quartets, Joyce and "sirens", Woolf and "The Waves",
        E.M. Forster and his character's responses to Beethoven, Hemingway
        and music.
*       Connections of composers with literature: art song, interactions
        of text and music. Ives, Varese, Antheil and American writers, or
        Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Satie, Bartok and their influence.
*       Musicology and theoretical approaches: Adorno and
        philosophy/sociology of music, or reflections from new musicology
        (Nattiez, Abbate, Kramer) are welcome.

Send proposals and abstracts by July 15, 2003 to
Robert P. McParland at
Felician College
262 S.Main Street
Lodi, New Jersey 07644