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Romanticism and Nationalism in Music
Corfu, Greece, October 2003

Ionian University, Music Department

International Conference

entitled Romanticism and Nationalism in Music

17-19 October 2003, Corfu, Greece


The international conference entitled Romanticism and Nationalism in Music will be
hosted by the Music Department of Ionian University, and will be held in Corfu,
Greece, 17-19 October 2003. The conference's languages will be both Greek and
English. Conference delegates will also be able to attend a number of performances
by music ensembles of Ionian University.

Key-note speakers: Prof. David Charlton, Prof. Konstantinos Floros, Prof. Leon
Plantinga, Prof. Katherine Preston, Prof. Jim Samson, Prof. Charis Xanthoudakis
Head of the Music Department, Ionian University and Prof. Martin Zenck.

The overall aim of the conference is to investigate sites of interaction between
nationalism and romanticism as related to music. In more detail, this conference
proposes to place works of music, 'attached' to romanticism, at the center of
their European national contexts to explore (and re-read) the collaborative
political, social or cultural endeavors in which they have engaged or which they
have rejected. Encouraged are interdisciplinary contributions that involve (a)
political agendas such as "racial" purity and the constructs of homogeneity, and
(b) theoretical investigations of ideology and music. General themes of the
conference might include:

 re-reading interactions of the notions of "romantisicm" and "nationalism",
 elements contributing to the emergence of (a) national music at the romantic
 philosophical tenets of romanticism and nationalism as depicted in music,
 ways by which composers express and symbolize national identity at the era of
 participation of romantic music, by means of its performance and reception, in
  constructing and re-constructing national identity.  

Individual papers, written in Greek or in English on these or any other aspect of
nationalism and romanticism in music, should last no more than 20 minutes.
Abstracts (ca. 250 words) should be submitted by mail or by e-mail to Anastasia
Siopsi, Conference Director, at the address below, by 31 May 2003. Abstracts will
be either in Greek or in English. The conference's programme will be announced by
the end of June. The selected participants will be asked to submit a full
manuscript of their paper by the 30th of September. Conference papers will be

Further information can be obtained from Anastasia Siopsi, Assistant Professor in
Musicology, Ionian University, Music Department, Old Fortress, Corfu 49100,
Greece. Tel. and fax: (+)30-2661-087569, e-mail: