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Hector Berlioz in the Age of French Romanticism
Denton, TX, November 2003

Hector Berlioz in the Age of French Romanticism
University of North Texas, Denton, TX, November 11-12 2003

The division of Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology of the
University of North Texas College of Music invites to a colloquium on
Berlioz in the Age of French Romanticism, November 11-12, 2003, at Denton,
Texas. The conference will focus on interdisciplinary aspects of
history/theory and literature-critics/ aesthetics related to Hector
Berlioz and his context. Papers of ca. 30 minutes length will be accepted,
preferably related to one of the following areas of research:

- Berlioz's approach to (and reflection of) poetic ideas and concepts and
  their impact on his musical style
- Berlioz's relationship to former and to contemporary composers:
  acceptance and transformation of compositional techniques and aesthetics
  in comparison
- Berlioz's writings with a focus on French Romanticism and contemporary
  critical writing
- Literature of the French Romantic era: topics, characters and

The colloquium will take place at UNT in Denton, TX, ca 30 miles north of
Dallas/Fort Worth on November 11th and 12th (Tuesday and Wednesday). The
date is right before the AMS meeting at Houston, TX, so that participants
may combine their trip to Houston with a stop at Denton (Dallas/Fort Worth
Airport). The publication of the conference papers is intended. Please
send a proposal (250 words) and a short biography, mentioning your main
publications or previous papers, preferably those related to Berlioz, or
French music/literature in 19th century, to:

Please send an abstract (250 words max.) and a short vita, both by
e-mail-attachment to:

Deadline for proposals: June 2nd, 2003

More information at:

Dr. Frank Heidlberger
Associate Professor of Music Theory
University of North Texas
College of Music
P.O. Box 311367
DENTON, TX 76203-1367
phone +1-(940) 369-7542
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