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Narratology beyond Literary Criticism
Hamburg, November 2003

Narratology beyond Literary Criticism
Second International Colloquium of the Narratology Research Group at
Hamburg University
Hamburg, 21 and 22 November 2003

The First International Narratological Colloquium organized by the FGN took place
at Hamburg University in May 2002 and discussed the topic "What Is Narratology?".
Our discussion was mainly based on papers that conceptualized Narratology from the
point of view of literary criticism - that is, of Narratology as a critical
approach either in terms of its subject matter (literary narratives), or due to
its origin and genesis as a scholarly theory and method.

The Second International Colloquium of the Narratology Research Group (Hamburg
University, 21-22 November 2003) aims to go beyond this focus and engage in the
exploration of approaches that broaden Narratology's realm. On this basis we are
particuarly interested in contributions which
  1. apply traditional narratological categories to non-literary objects of study; or
  2. apply narratological categories not derived from literary criticism to non-literary objects of study; or
  3. apply narratological categories not derived from literary criticism to literary objects.
In other words, we would like to invite contributions based on an understanding of 'going beyond' in the sense of: 'facilitating the interdisciplinary and inter-methodological debate.' Papers submitted should therefore not only present cases illustrating the transcendence of traditional models common to Narratology. They should also reflect on their relevance as seen in more general terms: What interrelation can be observed between re-definition of object domain and re-definition of method? What potential interfaces to other methods and disciplines does the proposed innovation offer? Finally, what are the repercussions of the proposed innovation in terms of Narratology's self-definition? About 10 Papers will be selected on the basis of an exposes of between 350 - 500 words length to reach us by 15 January 2003. Selected papers will be announced by early February 2003 and invitations issued to their speakers who will be expected to supply a detailed abstract (800-1000 words) for their paper no later than 15 October 2003. Exposés, abstracts and final papers should be submitted and presented in English. Kindly use the application form available at which will also publicise exposes and abstracts of accepted papers and carry updated conference information. You may also post your submission to: Forschergruppe Narratologie, Ref.: "Narratology beyond Literary Criticism", Universität Hamburg, Institut für Germanistik II, Von-Melle-Park 6, D-20146 Hamburg