Department of Music

Istanbul International Spectral Music Conference
Istanbul, November 2003

Istanbul International Spectral Music Conference

Center for Advanced Musical Research (MIAM)
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
November 18-23, 2003

     Originally a stylistic and ideological trend spearheaded by the
composers and performers associated with L'Itineraire in Paris in the
early 1970s, today spectral music and the insights it has spawned are
important areas of discourse for ethnomusicologists, theorists, systematic
musicologists, composers, and performers.

     We take as the central idea of this conference, the exploration of
music that demonstrates a special concern for timbre. In keeping with the
expansive viewpoint prevalent among leaders of the Spectral movement, the
conference will provide a forum for musicians and researchers to present
their work, debate current issues, and explore the confluence of timbral
perspectives across disciplines.

     We are planning a series of spectral music concerts, performance
workshops, panels, and individual paper presentations, and intend to
publish the proceedings in book and multimedia format. The concerts will
feature world premieres written for this conference alongside works
exploring the historic and ethnomusicological roots of spectral music.

     The Conference is open to everyone interested in music.  Istanbul's
unique location, spanning two continents, provides the ideal setting to
explore spectral music.  Attendees will have the opportunity to hear a
variety of Turkish musics in one of the world's great multi-cultural

Call for Papers

     Paper presentations will be twenty minutes plus ten minutes for
questions.  Please submit abstracts or ideas for panels by 15 July.  
Contact Pieter Snapper or Robert Reigle