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Latin American Popular Music: Trans-cultural Sampling and Global Reverberations
London, December 2003


Latin American Popular Music:
Trans-cultural Sampling and Global Reverberations

Friday 5 and Saturday 6 December 2003

A conference to be held at the Institute of Romance Studies, University of London

Organisers: Dr Mark Sabine and Ms Patricia Montenegro (IRS)

The aim of this conference is to focus on the status of twentieth-century Latin
American popular music forms and performance in a global, contemporary, cultural
context, during a period when a range of Latin American musical movements are
being taken up or borrowed from, and marketed globally by, the Anglophone
mainstream pop industry.
The conference will bring together musicologists, cultural studies specialists and
sociologists to discuss the adaptation and appropriation of pre-existent musical
forms or performance traditions by contemporary musicians in the use of Latin
American music in film, literature and advertising, and in the production and
marketing of music, not only within the recording industry but also in tourism and
'heritage' industries. As well as looking at cultural translation across genres
and socio-cultural locations within Latin America, the conference will also
consider how the (perceived) emergence of a globalised popular culture impacts
upon, and is influenced by, the composition, performance and marketing of popular
music in Latin America. The conference will also consider the role of popular
music in the negotiation of ethnic, generic, and other identities, and in the
context of an increasingly trans-national, globalised entertainments industry.
Proposals (max. 250 words) for papers of twenty minutes' duration, covering any of
the above issues in relation to the music of any part of Hispanophone America and
Brazil, are encouraged. In particular, the organisers would very much welcome
proposals that address the issues of cultural and economic globalisation, either
as a primary or a secondary focus.

Deadline for proposals is 1 March 2003, but early submissions are welcome. Please
send abstracts to:

		Mark Sabine,
		Institute of Romance Studies,			
		University of London,						
		Senate House,
		Malet Street,
		London WC1E 7HU