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Music and Anxiety in the Eighteenth Century, Modern Languages Association
San Diego, December 2003

CALL FOR PAPERS: Lyrica Society Panel, MLA 2003, San Diego

Music and Anxiety in the Eighteenth Century

In his Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage (1698),
Jeremy Collier writes worriedly, "Musick is almost as dangerous as Gunpowder; And
it may be requires looking after no less than the Press or the Mint" (279). This
panel seeks to examine the kinds of anxieties at work in music and in literature
written about music during the long eighteenth century. Sites of discussion may
include, but are not limited to, the following: anxiety about music's affect on
audiences; fears of the "foreign," as signified musically; anxiety over the figure
of the castrato;  concern over the propriety of women performing in public; and so
forth.  This session is sponsored by the Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relations,
which hosts two panels at each MLA conference. The Society endeavors to include
both musicologists and literary or multi-disciplinary scholars on each panel, in
order to encourage productive interdisciplinary discussions.

Please send a 500-word abstract and a c.v. via email to Leslie Ritchie, before March 24th.

Dr. Leslie Ritchie
Assistant Professor of English
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