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Rhythmic and Proportional Elements in Plainchant, 1350-1650
Parma-Arezzo, December 2003


International RAPHAEL Conference Parma-Arezzo, from Tuesday 2 December to
Saturday 6 December 2003, inclusive

The Universities of Lecce, Parma, Padova and Pavia-Cremona together with the
"Guido d'Arezzo" Foundation invites proposals for papers to be presented at a
conference dealing with the "Rhythmic and proportional elements in plainchant,
1350-1650", to be held at the University of Parma from 2 to 3 December and in
Arezzo from 4 to 6 December 2003.

Proposals are invited for individual papers of 20 minutes duration (after each
paper, ten minutes will be allowed for discussion).

Abstracts (500 words maximum) may be e-mailed to: Marco Gozzi (
Attachments (in any word-processing format) are preferred for the text of
abstracts, but please back up the attachment with a plain-text version in the main

The abstract should be preceded by information under the following headings: 

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 30 March 2003.

We invite musicologists from all countries to come to Italy to participate in our
meeting. Acceptance of a proposal will be at the discretion of the organisers. The
proceedings are planned for 2004.

The conference form part of a major plan called "RAPHAEL project":
R_hythmic A_nd P_roportional H_idden or A_ctual EL_ements in Plainchant 

The project proposes to investigate, both in the multiplicity of its own aspects
and with the support of computer technology, a musical corpus of primary
importance for the knowledge of Italian and European sacred music from the
fourteenth to the seventeenth century. The project envisions: a) the numeration,
analysis, and acquisition (using digital photographic reproduction) of Italian
musical sources and theoretical treatises that give evidence of rhythmic
performance or mensural writing in plainchant; b) the publication of a critical
edition containing the musical corpus of Italian provenance from the years
1350-1650, as well as the theoretical writings from that period; and c) the
recording of this repertory by specialized ensembles.

The project aims to return to the international scientific community and to music
lovers everywhere the until now neglected corpus of the various forms of
plainchant written or performed with rhythmic and mensural elements - especially
hymns, sequences and credos. Although a part of the Gregorian repertory, it is a
very little known body of work, but nevertheless very significant and replete with
many curious and attractive features of great interest from the textual,
liturgical, constructive and notational points of view. The close investigation of
its earliest evidences and of its musical evolution, together with an examination
of contemporary musical treatises on the subject, will contribute to our knowledge
of the New Style, and help us to understand the reasons for its appearance and its
success, and to ascertain its connection with the traditional liturgical chant.

Scientific & organizing committee
Prof. Francesco Luisi (Parma University)
Prof. Antonio Lovato (Padova University)
Prof. Pietro Zappala` (Pavia University)
Prof.ssa Paola Besutti (Lecce University)
National Co-ordinator: Prof. Marco Gozzi (Lecce University)