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Hawaii Conference on Arts and Humanities
Honolulu, January 2004

Call for Papers/Abstracts/Submissions
Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
January 8 - 11, 2004
Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu Hawaii, USA

Submission Deadline:  August 18, 2003

Web address:
Email address:

The 2004 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities will be
held from January 8 (Thursday) to January 11 (Sunday), 2004 at the
Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The conference will
provide many opportunities for academicians and professionals from arts
and humanities and related fields to interact with members inside and
outside their own particular disciplines.  Cross-disciplinary submissions
are welcome.

Topic Areas (All Areas of Arts and Humanities are Invited)

*American Studies
*Landscape Architecture
*Ethnic Studies
*Performing Arts
*Second Language Studies
*Other Areas of Arts and Humanities
*Cross-disciplinary areas of the above related to each other or other

The Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities encourages the
following types of papers/abstracts/submissions for any of the listed

Research Papers - Completed papers.
Abstracts - Abstracts of completed or proposed research.
Student Papers - Research by students.
Poster Sessions/Research Tables - informal presentation of papers or 
Work-in-Progress Reports or Proposals for future projects.
Reports on issues related to teaching.
Panel Discussions, Practitioner Forums and Tutorials are invited.
Workshop proposals are invited.

For more information about submissions see:

Submission Guidelines
1.  Submissions may be made electronically via e-mail to or mailed.  Electronic submissions are 
    preferred.  Submissions will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

If submissions are mailed, submit two copies of your paper, report,
abstract, proposal or study.  Submissions imply that at least one author
will register for the conference and be present at the time designated in
the conference program.  Submissions must be received by August 18, 2003.
E-Mail, fax or mail submissions to:

               Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
               P.O. Box 75036
               Honolulu HI, 96836, USA

               Telephone:  +1-(808) 949-1456
               Fax:        +1-(808) 947-2420

There is a limit of two contributed papers per lead author.

2. Each submission must include a separate title page as outlined below:

a. title of the submission,
b. topic area of the submission (available at,
c. two or three keywords that describe the submission,
d. name(s) of the author(s),
e. mailing address(es),
f. e-mail address(es),
g. phone number(s),
h. fax number(s),
i. corresponding author if different than lead author.

Correspondence regarding receipt of submission will be made by e-mail
unless another mode of correspondence is requested. BE SURE AND INCLUDE

3. Submissions will only be published in the conference proceedings if at 
   least one of the authors attends the conference.   Instructions for 
   submitting a computer readable format for the proceedings will be 
   provided when the submission is accepted.

4. If you wish to be a reviewer, session chair, or discussant, please
   e-mail your request to and indicate the
   topic area in which you are interested.  Registration for the
   conference is required to be a session chair or discussant.

Web address:
Email Address:

Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
P.O. Box 75036
Honolulu, Hawaii 96836, USA
Telephone: +1-(808) 949-1456
Fax:       +1-(808) 947-2420