Department of Music

Audiences -- Listening -- Consumption, Popular Music Research Forum
London, February 2004

Audiences - Listening - Consumption

Popular Music Research Forum
Friday 20th February
Goldsmiths College  Department of Music
Venue: Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre   Time 10.30-4.00

Admission Free

10.00 		Registration Tea/Coffee

10.45 		Professor Eric Clarke (Sheffield University)
		'Listening to musical meaning: an ecological approach'

11.45-12	Tea/Coffee

12 		Dr David Hesmondhalgh (Open University)
		'Talking about Good and Bad Music'

1-2 		Lunch

2-4 		Afternoon Session

		Dr Sara Cohen (Liverpool University).
		'Music Scenes and Urban Landscapes

		Dave Laing (Freelance writer and lecturer)
		'Audience Economics'

		Professor Keith Negus (Goldsmiths)
		'Between love and contempt: what do we know about artist - audience

		Dick Witts (Freelance writer and broadcaster).
		'Waiting for the man - Expectation, Provocation and Protraction at
		Rock Concerts'