Department of Music

Sixth Conference of the Dutch Society for Music Theory
Utrecht, February 2004

Call for Papers

Sixth Conference of the Dutch Society for Music Theory
Faculty of Music, Utrecht School of the Arts
February 20 & 21, 2004

"Music theory and Interpretation"

Between theory of music and the interpretation or reading of a score an intensive
exchange exists. Within our institutes, it is the prevailing opinion that music
theory supports the practical interpretation of music. On the other hand,
interpretation itself could become a topic of theoretical reflection. Or one could
say that an analysis equals interpretation. What exactly do we mean by
"interpretation"? What role does improvisation play in it? As could be concluded from
this ambiguous inventory, the topic chosen brings many aspects of music theory
together, whether it is theory of Jazz, traditional music theory at conservatoires,
or music analysis as a research discipline.

The board of the Dutch Society for Music Theory hopes to welcomes proposals on
lectures containing the above outlined topic. The maximum amount of time per lecturer
has been set to 20 minutes. The proposal should not have more than 500 words. The
deadline for application is December 1, 2003. A committee will judge the proposals

Please send your proposal to the office of the Dutch Society for Music Theory,
preferably through e-mail:

P.O Box 78022
1070 LP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone/Fax: +31 (0)20 663 20 73