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Confraternity Studies Panels, Renaissance Society of America
New York, March 2004

Conference Call:  Confraternity Studies at RSA New York, 25-27 March, 2004

The Renaissance Society of America will be meeting in New York in 2004, and once
again the Society for Confraternity Studies will be sponsoring sessions at the
conference. We invite interdisciplinary proposals for individual papers or for
whole panels on a number of themes:

1.  Confraternities Beyond Locality (eg., groups like the Rosary, Holy Sacrament,
and Christian Doctrine confraternities whose local brotherhoods were linked to
larger movements.  What was the dynamic between local groups and their mendicant
or clerical promoters)

2.  Confraternities Beyond Europe (eg., confraternities in the Americas, in Asia,
and in Africa)

3.  Confraternities Beyond Catholicism (eg., Jewish confraternities, muslim
confraternities, confraternities in protestant areas).

4.  Open topics

Proposals should be no more than 150 words, and be accompanied by a brief CV.  
Deadline for proposals:  9 May, 2003.  Please submit proposals to Nicholas
Terpstra by e-mail: (, fax (+1-416-978-4810) or mail
(Dept of History, University of Toronto, 100 St. George Street, Toronto, ON,
Canada, M5S 3G3).