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Representations of the Grotesque and Burlesque in Sixteenth-Century Society
Renaissance Society of America
New York, March 2004

CALL FOR PAPERS -- Renaissance Society of America, 50th Annual Meeting,
New York, March 25-27, 2004

A panel/series of panels will be organized on various representations of
the grotesque and burlesque in the society, literature, and arts of the
sixteenth century. One of the characteristics of the early modern period
was the move towards more rigidly defined political and social identities.
Despite this trend, there still existed numerous cultural and artistic
initiatives that remained contrary, if not actually in opposition, to the
prevailing climate of taste and acceptability.

The proposed panel(s) aim(s) to assess the importance and extent of these
initiatives both within Italy itself, and in Europe as a whole. Potential
topics for papers might include the following: Theoretical concepts of
deformity; Physical deformity and sixteenth-century medicine; The
marginalization and mockery of deformed individuals in Cinquecento
society; Depictions of the grotesque in art; Burlesque poetry, etc. Papers
are invited from any relevant academic discipline; interdisciplinary
topics are particularly welcomed.

Please send proposals to, preferably by
Friday May 9 at the latest. Deadline to submit proposals to the RSA is May
18, 2003.

For more information about the RSA 2004 meeting in New York, see

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