Department of Music

Religion, the Individual and Society in Russia: Past and Present
Gregynog, Wales, March 2004

"Religion, the individual and society in Russia: past and present"

The third conference of the study group Religion in East and Central Europe will be
held between 28-30 March 2004 in Gregynog, Newton, Powys. The theme of the conference
is: "Religion, individual and society in Russia: past and present". We wish the
Colloquium to discuss the social and the personal as important aspects of spiritual
Proposals will address the following issues: religion and social involvement (or the
lack thereof); charity; responses of religion to social vice (crime, slavery,
prostitution, violence) and to other social and political issues (war, revolution,
totalitarianism, poverty, medicine, education, gender, sexuality, etc.); the social
and religious identity; religion and the individual's relations with society; a
reflection on the human person and community; the representation of the relationship
between the spiritual and the social in literature and art, or any other relevant

Gregynog is located six miles north of Newtown in Powys and can be easily reached by
train from London and Birmingham. Formerly the home of art collectors Gwendoline and
Margaret Davies, Gregynog is surrounded by 750 acres of beautiful gardens, woodland
and farmland.

If you would like to participate in the conference, please send us the title of your
paper by 10 December 2003 and a 300-words abstract of your paper by 30 January 2004.

Irina Paert (History, social sciences)
Department of History
University of Wales, Bangor
Gwynedd, LL57 2DG