Department of Music

Society for American Music
Cleveland, March 2004

The Society for American Music invites proposals for papers, concerts,
lecture-performances, full panels of 3 or 4 papers, and other useful
events for its 30th annual conference in Cleveland, 10-14 March 2004.  
The postmark deadline is August 15.

This will be a joint meeting with the Association for Recorded Sound

Ideas for papers and sessions could be inspired by any of the following:
- the proximity of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
- the sesquicentennial of John Philip Sousa's birth
- the question of theorizing American music studies
- the collaboration with ARSC members
But proposals involving any aspect of American music or music in America are

Individual or joint papers should be no longer than twenty minutes.
Performances should be no longer than thirty minutes and may include a
short lecture component. Presenters do not need to be members of the
Society, but are required to register for the entire conference.
Performances are not remunerated. The committee encourages proposals from
persons who did not present at the 2003 meeting in Phoenix, but all
proposals will be considered and judged primarily on merit.

How to submit a proposal
1. Send six copies of your proposal, only one of which includes your name,
address, phone, and email address. The other five copies should have no
such identifying information. The proposal should be no longer than 350
words, and it should include mention of any audio-visual needs.

2. Proposals for performances without a lecture component should include
six copies of a 100-word abstract and six copies of an audio CD. Again,
only one of each should contain identifying information. CDs will not be

3. For complete sessions or proposals involving unusual formats, the
proposer should include six copies (five without identifying information)
of an additional statement explaining the format and the rational for the
session. Individual papers or performances in such sessions should follow
the guidelines for individual submission, but all should be submitted

4. The committee will normally acknowledge receipt of submissions and
communicate its decisions by email. If you would prefer to have the
committee communicate with you by post, please include two stamped,
self-addressed envelopes with your submission.

5. Successful submitters will be expected to provide a 100-word abstract
via email by December 10 for publication in the conference program.

All materials must be postmarked on or before August 15, 2003, and should
be sent to:

Robert Walser, SAM Program Chair
Musicology Department
UCLA Box 951623
Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

More information about the Society for American Music may be found on our

The Society was founded in 1975 and was first named in honor of Oscar G.T.
Sonneck, early Chief of the Music Division in the Library of Congress and
pioneer scholar of American music. The Society for American Music is a
non-profit scholarly and educational organization incorporated in the
District of Columbia as a 501 (c) (3) and is a constituent member of the
American Council of Learned Societies.


Liane Curtis, Public Relations Chair for the Society for American Music