Department of Music

Folk & Protest Music
2004 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Associations
San Antonio, TX, April 2004

Call for Papers: Folk & Protest Music
2004 Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Associations
25th Annual Conference, held in conjunction with the National Popular
Culture/American Culture Associations Conference
April 7-10, 2004

The 2004 SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference will meet in San Antonio, Texas, at the beautiful
San Antonio Marriott River Center Hotel, on the Riverwalk. Join us this year, as a
returning or first-time participant, as we celebrate a quarter-century of this
regional popular culture conference. For further details regarding the conference
(listing of all areas, hotel, registration, tours, etc.) please visit
Now accepting proposals for Folk and Protest Music in the Music Area, a
well-represented area with outstanding participants in years past. We welcome
proposals on many aspects types of protest music and their role in American popular
culture. Prospective topics include:
* Genres opposed to dominant political, economic, or nationalist paradigms,
  particularly associated with specific social movements: Federalism, States' Rights,
  Abolition, Temperance, Populism, labor unions, Civil Rights, anti-war, etc
* Musics created or appropriated in association with expected or self-identified
  minorities: persons of color, LGBT, women, etc.
* Protest music as part of immigrant communities
* The mechanisms, support networks, economics, and audience demographics of music
  within protest movements
* Readings of genres as "protest" music which are not commonly so-identified
Particular interest/emphasis upon 
* Under-examined historical genres or periods of protest music (especially outside
  the 20th century)
* Protest music as a tool of enculturation or re-affiliation
* Indigenous musics originating or appropriated as "protest" musics
Special topics include:
* Protest music in or as part of Hispanic culture
* Protest music in the Southwest
Proposals should include current curriculum vitae or résumé (3-page maximum) and a
250 word abstract, including name, institutional affiliation if any, and working
Submission deadline is November 15. The registration deadline is January 1, 2004.  
All participants must register by that date or will not be able to present or appear
in the program. Please direct submissions or inquiries in this area to Chris Smith at
the email or physical addresses below.
Dr Christopher Smith
Vernacular Music Center
Department of Music History and Literature
School of Music MS 2033
Texas Tech University 
Lubbock, TX 79409, USA
+1-806.742.2270 x249