Department of Music

Urbana, IL, April 2004

A conference on improvisation is to be held at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, sponsored by the Division of Musicology of the School of Music,
April 1-4, 2004. You are cordially invited to attend.  The conference, which consists
entirely of invitational lectures, papers, and performances, concentrates on three
themes: improvisation and social and political processes, the creative process, and
educational processes. The program can be accessed through the University of Illinois
School of Music web site ( and the SEM web-site; and you can also
write to me for information The program includes plenary lectures
by Ingrid Monson, Stephen Blum, and Patricia Shehan Campbell; papers by
ethnomusicologists Gabriel Solis, Robin Moore, Stephen Slawek, Travis Jackson, Anne
Rasmussen, A. Jihad Racy, Thomas Turino, and John Murphy; music historians Lawrence
Gushee, William Kinderman, Tom Ward, Amy Beal, Nicholas Temperley, and Sabine Feisst;
and music theorists Robert Hatten and David Stern, folklorist Natalie Kononenko,
pianist Robert Levin, education theorist Keith Sawyer. Discussants include
Christopher Waterman, Stephen Hill, Illinois faculty, and members of a variety of
fields including anthropology, art history, theater history, and dance. Performances
include concerts of Persian music (Manoochehr Sadeghi), Arabic music (Ali Jihad
Racy), jazz (Chip McNeill), dance improvisation (Chris Aiken) and a variety of
demonstrations from Baroque keyboard improvisation, musical accompaniment to dance,
to the use of technology in the creative process.

The conference, which takes place on the University of Illinois campus, is free and
open to all; no registration is required, but advice on attending may be available
from me.

						Bruno Nettl